Pins and needles in my hands during sleeping

Hi everyone I’ve been suffering with pins and needles in my hands worse during the night. Last night was my worst ever it felt like my right hand was in a bucket of nettles my index finger kept feeling like electric shocks. It took me 22 minutes to get my circulation back in my right hand, left comes back much quicker, anyway I thought that was that so tried to go back to sleep at 4am. I must have dropped off but I was woken again with the same feelings in my right hand at 6am. It’s happening every night now and I cannot seem to get any rest. I wear the glove type splints and I’m seeing a consultant next week. I was wondering if anyone feels like this or has done in the past. It’s beginning to scare me. Thanks for reading. Loraine

Hi Lorraine, that sounds very annoying, lack of sleep on top of any stroke fatigue will definitely not be helpful to you, hopefully the consultant will have an answer for you.

Big hugs, take care

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@Mahoney thank you, I’m so frustrated. It’s gotten worse since august when I had a really funny turn! I thought it was another stroke classic symptoms but after mri though 5 days later, they said they could just see my old stroke from March 2021 and dismissed me with vertigo. Which I dispute. Since then the pins and needles in my hands are worse and my thigh on right leg completely numb! My doctor mentioned carpal tunnel but I’ll see what they say in 10 days time. Best wishes. Loraine

Haven’t had the pins and needles effect like you, but it is not unusual for me to wake with both hands dead and unresponsive. This was rather scary at first but once the circulation starts the hands go back to their normal state. I am right handed and the stroke initially wiped out my right side, taking some years of exercise and activity to get to some sort of normality. Have got back to playing guitar and keyboards and even added Ukelele but with nothing like my old ability.

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Do you suffer with your neck this could also be a reason also Reynauds. Hope you get sorted demand to see a consultant. Think nowadays we are getting gobbled off too easy and the doctors do not listen to what pati nuts tell them.

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@janella69 i do actually all this has happened since the stroke too. I will Google it as I’ve never heard of it. I’ve seen 2 nice doctors one in Penrith and another in Maryport. I have my op on first hand
6th May si I’m hoping for some relief there. Thank you Jane for your advice Loraine :blush:

Sorry for late reply, but being a new member I’m trying to catch up.
I give you an answer and a question.
I also wake up with pins and needles and have got used to it.
It’s worth speaking to the Doc though. Even if it’s just to put your mind at rest.
Now the question, how do you get your pic in your avatar? I thought I had done it but it doesn’t show.

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Hope that helps

If you read what we have already wrote you will understand how far we have come so far with the the pins and needles and consultants, but thank you for your contribution :+1:t2: