Pins and needles effect

Could an yone tell me if they have been cured of the pins an d needles effect after stroke?is it possib le to lessen the sensation by usin g stgrategies like diverting attention?

Yes. I had pins and needles in my stroke hand and on bits of my face. The face ones went quite quickly but the hand took about a year to stop. Still lack sensitivity in those fingers though.

@Sheila88 where is your pins and needles? I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel in my hands I’ve had 1 operation on my right and I’m having another in august on my left hand. I also have pins and needles in my left foot too.

I’m just asking where you feel the pins and needles incase it’s something other than stroke related. Best wishes Loraine

Thank you for those honest replies.Face for me not a real problemYou give me hope that things could change ref.arms and hand.I still cook but struggle with other things…and have to find different ways of doing.Overall I am grateful at 89 for any improvement!Sheila.

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@Sheila88 age is no concern we all have after effects after strokes speak to your GP there is a simple test to do on your wrist to see if it’s carpal tunnel. Mine goes up my arms too. But not as much now on right hand after operation. But still in left. Good luck Loraine

Shwmae @Sheila88, I am to believe that pins and needles are a result of mixed communication from the parietal lobe. As a general rule with stroke recovery, the brain needs to recalibrate, so I would think that doing tactile exercises would possibly benefit. However, I am speculating as I am not a medical professional.

Thank you Rups…I shall keep practicing exercises and keep up my hopes.I lived for 10 years in Penarth so went for a few Welsh lessons!Sheila.