Physio after lockdown

I had my second stroke recently. After my first stroke help was not available because of covid and subsequent lockdown. Now there’s help from various agencies, in particular the physios. I am now being taught how to use muscles and am walking better now I have been given proper instructions from professionals. This is a none published consequence of lockdown. What else did we suffer as stroke survivors because of the unpublished effects of the policy? I am now making good progress. Lilian


So glad you are at last getting some help. It has all been a nightmare for us stroke survivors. But I am so pleased for you. Keep up the good work.

That’s great news Lilian, so pleased you’re getting the support you need, of course we should have all had it over the last couple of years too.

Best wishes

@l_platt pleased to hear you are now getting the support you need and you are now making good progress. Shame it took 2 strokes to get it though. I think the unintended consequences of Covid are going to be felt for many years to come yet and not just for stroke survivors.
Best wishes


@l_platt oh Lillian so glad you are at long last having the correct treatment. I wish you lots of health improvements and luck best wishes Loraine :blush:

Hello @l_platt . How very dare we have strokes during a pandemic :laughing:. Very glad you are making progress. I am seeing mine this afternoon. He is amazing, he does as much for me mentally as physically, we laugh alot, I look forward to my appointments. I have been lucky - I was able to access this through private insurance. Onwards and upwards :+1: Julia x

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