I am petrified as I have to go out tomorrow with my brother and Monday to the Doctors with my Dad. I have always gone in an ambulance taxi before. Agoraphobia kicking in. :worried:

@a.clare71 try to stay calm, I know easy to say, harder to do. You’ll not be alone, you say you’ll have someone with you for both your trips, that should help (hopefully).

Once you’ve been out the first time, hopefully you’ll feel a little more confident.

Best wishes

Sounds stupid, it is because I cannot defend myself if something happens. I have always been wary since I was assaulted from behind in my early 20’s,
I will try my best yo be calm.

@a.clare71 it won’t be easy but try and relax and take deep breaths. You will have your brother & dad with you & they will make sure you’re safe. What happened in your 20s must have been awful but thankfully they are rare events. Just stay close to your brother and dad and you’ll do OK.
Best of luck xx

@a.clare71 i understand you being wary, you have someone with you, they’ll look after you.

Concentrate on keeping calm, you’ve got this.

Big hugs :hugs: