Pain relief

Pain relief, have tried amiltryptapine for 3 weeks with no change in pain levels, now switching to gaba pentim300mg a day, fingers crossed

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@mrfrederickson hope that does the trick for you, best wishes

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That makes two of us, thanks it wol take a day or so to build I from what I’ve read.

@mrfrederickson good luck I’m a firm believer in garpbentin I’m also taking amertriptyline at night too. Give it a few weeks to settle into the medication and let us know how it goes Loraine :blush:

MrFrederickson – I don’t remember if I mentioned this to you before. If so, sorry to repeat myself. Many people have been helped with CBD oil . I used the under-the-tongue drops for leg spasms, but others use it for pain. I use CBD cream on my back for arthritis pain . It helps me there. Also, many have been helped with hypnosis. But it must be done with a pyschotherapist who specializes in this and is trained in hyponotherapy. :heart:Jeanne

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Hope the change in pain meds works for you x

Here goes nothing, will do Lorraine, thanks

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First impressions 2 tablets down is good at 300mg, one more for a ful days dose, pain in leg subsided still face pain but not unhappy

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@mrfrederickson great stuff fingers crossed it helps and they can up your dose. I’m now on 500mgs it’s really good for pain :thinking::blush:

Will see how 30mg doesfor the course of tablets runs for

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I have over the last two weeks suffered increased pain in my shoulder only on paracetamol and ibuprofen in hospital had dihydrocodieneany over the counter analgesic advice greatfully recieved go hopeless can get near them I mean a month for a telephone appointment

@Briansmith1962 not sure what sort of pain you have but have you thought about a gel like voltarol? Not sure what the strongest over the counter meds you can get are but talk to pharmacist they can help and also advise in relation to any interaction with any other meds you’re on.

Sorry to hear that I cannot take ibuprofen as it messes up my other medications do have been given codine and paracetimal by my GP to usein conjunction or independently two tablets, deals with my left side leg,hop pain for the most of it.good luck

I have peroxicam it does feelike nerve pain