Ow. Ow. And then some

Today, I went and had my booster shot for people with chronic health conditions. The woman administrating it looked at my birth year and said, “Why are you here?” I responded, “Stroke survivor.”, “That’s good,” she said, and then corrected herself, “I don’t mean good in that way.”. Afterwards, I thought, no she was right the first time, I am a survivor, that’s good.

When I got home, I decided to go mushroom foraging with this dog I now have. As I am not instinctively a dog owner, I don’t think, I’ll take the dog out for a walk, I think instead, I’m going for a walk, so I might as well take the dog. There is a rather clear distinction here for me.

We went for a good walk. She got muddy paws, and I breathed in the fresh country air. All worthwhile. She got rather muddy paws, so I let her dip in the duck pond to wash off all the mud.

I was just about to get home when all of a sudden I felt myself lifted from the ground. I flew through the air, and landed directly on my shoulder onto stark gravel. My feet actually left the ground, with the sharp impact all being focussed on my shoulder when I crashed down. I let out a loud grunting, yawp which my partner heard from inside the house. “Are you all right?” she called.

Am I all right? Crikey. I didn’t have a moment to react. I was on the ground faster than I could even turn my head to realise what had just happened. This dog had spied a peacock. The peacock had darted, and Molly (the dog) took chase. Her velocity was so increased that my feet left the ground. It was just like Looney Tunes, or Whacky Races. I near started to panic because my stroke was trauma caused, my neck had been compromised.

Upstairs, I lay on the couch and requested large quantities of brandy. My partner is going out tonight to see the fireworks. I am currently in bed, now writing this ode to pain. At last, a pain that isn’t associated with my brain. Although, it hurts severely. I have previously endured two cracked ribs because of this pup, possibly now, a fractured shoulder. My cats aren’t capable of such antics, yet, I enjoy this dog too.

To be frank, I am looking for sympathy, I am in a lot of pain.


@Rups lots of sympathy heading your way. That sounds mega painful & i really hope you haven’t fractured your shoulder & that you dont feel worse tomorrow; which can sometimes happen if you’re badly bruised.

I am a cat, not dog person too although I think you do (or did) have a soft spot for Molly.

Look after yourself xx


Diolch @Mrs5K, I am currently bed bound, and feeling sorry for myself.


You have my sympathy . Poor you. I am a dog person and am currently dog sitting because of the fireworks. The radio is loud with music. So far so good. Fingers crossed. Lilian

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@Rups oh deary me I think your starting to “fall for your Molly” :rofl::rofl::rofl: did you get it?

Poor pus cats are you pushing them out? How does molly get on with your cats?

I enjoyed you telling us what happened and I’m very sorry you got hurt sending flowers :cherry_blossom: hugs :hugs: and sympathy :mending_heart: hope the brandy helped and your shoulder recovers without a bandage :face_with_head_bandage:. Hopefully tomorrow it will be just a bruise hugs loraine x

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Shwmae Lilian, I hope your dogs are well behaved. Mine is, but she’s just a pup but a rather large sized dog. She’s half my weight, and growing! Her, swimming in the duckpond today.


Shwmae Loraine, diolch yn fawr. Aye, I got it. Nay, not pushing my cats out ever, despite loving animals and insects equal, I’m wrecked. Molly, is a pest with the cats but getting better. Horace has taught her that too much investigation results in a quick swipe of sharp claws. Daisy just looks on with disdain. Daisy might be thinking, “That thing again, causing trouble again.” Diolch for your flowers, I got hurt badly. The brandy was for Christmas but got opened earlier!

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@Rups good choice medicinal purposes :wine_glass:


Oh @Loshy,I am pleased, I don’t play Rugby, as I feel this is the spot of bother they get themselves into regularly. I take my poison with adjudication. :wine_glass: :beers:


@Rups oh dear that ten stone anchor isn’t heavy enough! Hope you feel better soon, which you might if you drink enough of you special medicine. :wine_glass:


Shwmae Mark, no it isn’t enough!! I need to bulk up more to compete with this pup. I have Snickers, Double Decker, and Mars lined up. See who wins :smile: By gosh, I flew. Special medicine limited, wife won’t allow it.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Rups :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wink::wink::wink::wink::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@Rups ouch that sounds painful, hopefully nothing is fractured, just bruised, though being badly bruised is awfully painful too.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, enjoy that nip or two of brandy.

Take care

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Aye, painful. I don’t know what may be fractured, but what would they know at the hospital that we can’t work out for ourselves? :grin:, anyhow, there is a brilliant track by Harry Nilsson, put the lime in the coconut …


Ayee sure is …but I associate the song with practical magic a film I love watching!


@Rups! I’m SO sorry to hear this. I echo the others’ comforting comments above and also … phew, you must had a real shock to your system. A similar thing happened to me once when I was dog-sitting a tiny dog, who decided to run in circles around me, and I landed face down on the grass! I still managed to hold onto the lead! But, that was my last time dog-sitting for sure :scream::scream:

Anyway, … comforting thoughts … hey why not watch the Thunderstruck Video you posted on the Forum … that lifted my spirits for days :zap:…BUT no ‘air guitaring’ (yet) that might be a bit painful.

Brandy: tick. Resting in bed: tick. Maybe put some of your home made air freshener around the house? Arnica Massage Balm Oil, can be excellent for pain relief, especially if you’ve had a shock like that.maybe a couple of hot water bottles on the bruised area? Or the opposite … ice packs (not directly on the skin). Dare I say … no typing for a while :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::frowning_with_open_mouth:… can you use voice function on your IT stuff?

Rups I’d definitely recommend if not better in a week … go to your GP OR A and E … sometimes a sling can help to immobilise the joint, take the pressure off. But check with your GP or a Therapist on that, as mobility is important too, as Im sure you know.

I really enjoy reading all your posts … but maybe your body is telling you to have a rest? Maybe you can get your Family to type for you? You’ve helped so many of us here on the Forum, now it’s time to receive healing and support from us :hugs:

Hey, ask your cats if they’d snuggle up to your shoulder, seriously….as they intuitively seem to know when something is askew in the body/mind. Apparently it’s something to do with the tone of their purring that can help? I don’t know if I read that or dreamt that! :grinning:

Anyway, sending positive healing thoughts to you Rups, take it easy and reach out to us all if you need any support. Take care :vulcan_salute::sparkles: :four_leaf_clover:Anne


So sorry @Rups to read this and wish you a speedy recovery. Molly reacted as any dog would.

Firstly, regarding your COVID booster, your experience annoyed me. They have no right to question why you are there from your age. It’s happened to others I know too :rage:

Secondly, please get your shoulder X-rayed as it could be fractured. My late husband (he survived his stroke for 5 months but that’s a very long story :broken_heart::sleepy:) fractured his when he missed the last 2 steps on the stairs. That was a couple of years before his stroke. He refused to go to A&E for 3 days and narrowly missed needing it operating on. His arm was in a sling for 3 months and he never fully regained total movement. As your balance post stroke may be affected please take care.

I hope no-one minds me being on this group still as I do get comfort in hearing how you are all doing. Sadly for me Bill’s stroke was during COVID so he didn’t get the post stroke rehabilitation (speech therapy, occupational therapy etc he needed). I wish you all and your families) well.


@Maz welcome to our forum and sorry about your husbands stroke.

I hope you enjoy reading our threads and contributing.

There’s still time to gain strength and help for Bill.

Have a nice weekend Loraine :smiley:


@Maz as you will discover you are very welcome here. Equally welcome is your input. Never feel there is no place here for you.
Thank you for taking part, we value what you have to offer.

my motto applies just as much to you . . .

Keep on keepin’ on


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@Loshy thank you for your reply. Sadly Bill died in January 2021 :broken_heart:

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