Overdone it again!

I think I’ve overdone it again, I’ve put quite a few of my seedlings in the garden, didn’t realise making holes and putting baby seedlings in would be so exhausting
And then after a cat nap I decided I would cook dinner for a change, wow maybe not such a good idea, I tend to get carried away with things and pay the price in the evening, my back starts aching,and my shoulders and my head starts to feel heavy, not a headache, just a heavy head, but tomorrow is another day and just maybe I’ll not feel guilty by taking it slower
Nearly two years post stroke
Take care everyone x


You are quite right, tomorrow is another day!! I think that is how us stroke survivors have to get through it all. So frustrating when you are used to doing the things you used to do and getting so exhausted now when you attempt anything. Don;t feel guilty about taking it slower, it’s what we all have to do…unfortunately!!!
Take care, Jane.

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I find that it is important to build in ‘rest time’ when planning an activity. This is a slow learning process for me - learning to pace myself.

I too think that I can still do everything I used too, I take it nice n slow and pace myself. I cat nap too

Think I overdid it again yesterday too. I did a few little tasks during the day then fatigue hit at tea time. My head also felt very heavy & I felt generally tired. Early night it was :grin:

Hi Ken you sound like my long lost twin. It’s a joke at my stroke group, my first words on sitting down are usually I’ve been overdoing it again and I don’t seem to learn even when the result is a melt down. It’s just my nature. Moved bungalow in last few weeks was ordered to disappear, couldn’t wanted to do my bit, three weeks on still suffering. The fatigue has been chronic not headaches just head full of treacle and very tired eyes. Got to get back to bed at ten , and during day obeying my egg-timer. 15 mins activity then15 rest. Pds

@Kenmore it’s so difficult to remember to take it slower and routinely schedule rest breaks between doing tasks we took in our stride pre stroke, at least that’s how it is for me :woman_facepalming:

Unfortunately my brain and body has other ideas and I pay for the slip up with the dreaded fatigue :grinning:

Here’s to us both learning how to pace ourselves :+1:

Kenmore–Reading this, I feel like it’s a page out of my own diary. So many things I want to do, and then I realize I should have just done about 1/4 of what I had on my list. I have to relearn my behavior–hard to teach an old dog new tricks. :dog: :grin: :heart:Jeanne