On this day (8th June) last year

…I was discovered by my wife lying on the floor at around 9pm…and so my stroke journey began.

I just got back from a 2 mile walk down to town and I think I may just about have fooled a few people into thinking there was nothing wrong with me. Probably didn’t notice the concentration on my face as I thought about lifting my toes so my numb foot comes down correctly. Hopefully didn’t see my clenched left hand that subconsciously balls up when I’m paying all my attention to my walking. But due to my reasonable speed and only slight limp (it was a good day) I could have passed for “normal”.
I’m back at work (4 days a week) & coping pretty well with it (apart from the horrendous fatigue). My dominant left hand is still pretty numb but I can use the feedback from the lower parts of my fingers to help my brain understand what the hand is doing (to some extent).
So in summary I have to say I am doing pretty well and would like to give some hope to others out there that, whilst progress slows down considerably after the first few months, I can definitely tell that I am still improving.
Version 2.1 and counting!
Here’s to version 2.3.
I certainly found the last 6 months or so since I started interacting on this forum to have helped the journey a lot, so thanks to you all.
All the best.
Mark (2.1)


@Ingo66 ahhh Mark what a journey and a great recovery! So glad your first year is done. I’m still improving and it’s 15 months.

There’s life in us old dogs yet!!

May we all continue to take warmth and advice from all of our friends on our forum. It made a big difference to me using this forum with real people whom we know are still battling in recovery. I prefer advice from here than the doctors, good luck to everyone and best wishes to all, Loraine :blush::blush:

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@Ingo66 Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your journey. So pleased you can see the positives. You seem to have made great progress. Here’s to continuing improvements for you.
This forum rely is a great place & I get a lot 9f comfort too from what everyone contributes.
Best wishes

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Thanks ladies, we make a good (if somewhat unconventional) gang. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well done Mark. You must be so proud. Keep up the good the good work. Jane.

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Afternoon Mark @Ingo66. Congratulations on your positive attitude and sharing this with us all. We are all still here, still trying to smile, just making the best of whatever version we are. :+1: Julia x

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Shwmae Mark, good to hear you are keeping the proactive spirit up throughout your recovery :grinning:

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Glad you have a sense of humour. Well done :+1:

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Great progress Mark, keep pushing forward to v2.3, best wishes

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Lest any of you think improvement ends at some point, I’m almost at the 4-year mark, and I am still improving. And I plan to continue to do so as long as I can. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne P.S. I am no youngster, either. I’m 77.


Blimey! 2 miles. That’s impressive! It sounds as though you’re recovering really well.
I don’t think my walk could ever pass as normal (except, perhaps in a Monty Python sketch).
I know what you mean about the clenched hand - it’s as though there is one long string connecting everything and when you pull on one part of the string everything else gets pulled as well).
I think after 8 years I’m probably on V2.80 and due for an upgrade…
The moral of the story is, “NEVER GIVE UP”
Anyway, it’s back to the treadmill for me.
Have a great day x

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Thanks @MinnieB , Good to hear you are still evolving after many years.
Like the “ministry of silly walks” reference :rofl:. I do sometimes look like that when tired.
Keep on improving,

well done Mark your words inspire…may I add that at 89 years I am still an improver!I had my stroke in February and spent 4 weeks in hospital.Progress has been steady and I can cook for myself an d do simple tasks in the home.I am just startin g to go out and about-such a treat.Never too late and God is good.Enjoy your youn g age Mark and keep going…Sheila.


@Sheila88 , that’s fantastic to hear and I’m sure a comfort to others that someone which such experience can still make improvements.
Thanks for your reply.

@axnr911 , another amazing example for us to get inspiration from!
Thanks for sharing.
All the best.

Hi Mark and everyone.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and inspirational stories.

I found my partner on the bathroom floor following his stroke in Dec 20. He’s now in a wheelchair with significant left side weakness but is gradually able to walk a little again.

I think this forum is amazing and hope to join in more as time goes on.

Lots of love and very best wishes to you all.

Gary x

Hi @Gazfish sorry to hear about your partner having a stroke but great to hear he’s making some progress.

Please do join in, we’re like one big virtual ‘family’ here, I’ve gained lots of support and encouragement from posting here, you will too.

Take care

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That’s brilliant! I certainly will.

@Gazfish sorry to hear about your partners stroke. Must have been a shock to find them like that.
This is a great place for support & advice. Look forward to hearing from you more often

Best wishes

Ann x

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Hi @Gazfish , Good to have you join us, hope we can help with our shared experiences but sorry to hear of you partner’s stroke.
Hopefully you will both get some inspiration & helpful tips here.

Good luck with the journey ahead. There will be bumps along the way but you’ll come through it. Wierdly, though I would never wish it on anyone, I have possibly made a few character improvements and I certainly don’t take things for granted anymore.


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