No to pip

Well as I thought did not get pip what I did not think would happen is that a would get no points no all the decision maker took no notice if the assessment so a MR is going in what a system it is lol. So on we go

@Des_murphy, are you going to citizen’s advice to get an appeal? I have heard they can quite successfully push one through. PIP is notorious for this kind of thing, I think they relish in their reputation. I’m sorry to hear they ignored your circumstances.

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Des, please approach Citizens Advice as Rups says or the Stroke Association. My first application for Attendance Allowance was refused, but granted on my appeal. I had contacted the Stroke Association and they were going to support me but didn’t have to. I had a further application form the next year which I filled in giving every detail I could. Attendance Allowance was then awarded indefinitely.

It is often the case that first applications are turned down. As a previous volunteer for Citizens Advice, I know they have a lot of expertise supporting applicants and are very successful. Don’t get too depressed about a first refusal.

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@Des_murphy Des do not give up go to citizens advice. Keep going best of luck. Loraine

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Well have my ESA assessment today she stopped me half way through the assessment and said I have more then enough evidence so three weeks to find out if I am in the support group


@Des_murphy great news really pleased for you. :blush:

Excellent news @Des_murphy

Got pip after. MR only lower rate but first time round I got zero. Sorry I do not post as much now as I find this new website hard workthanks des

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@Des_murphy glad you got PIP I’ve just applied but I’m holding my breath. If they refuse I’ll appeal. Keep persevering with the new website as your contribution is missed. It gets easier the more you use it, happy thoughts Loraine :blush:

Thanks hope you get pip remember it’s not about your stroke per say but how it effects your daily tasks according to there marking system if you do not get it ask in writing fir a MR review do not let then do it over the phone. You four four week to ask for one then four weeks to write back saying what you think they have got wrong all the best with kind regards des

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@Des_murphy thanks for that. I’m complicated with other problems now. How long did it take from submitting the form and hearing from them please? I submitted it tonight and uploaded with the help from my hubby my evidence. I cannot work anymore so I quit my job and my husband is financially supporting me. I have never claimed in my life so feel a little worried :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

What does MR mean please?

It takes from 8to 10 weeks there is good advice onCAB help site on the web if you have to review take a look at the site. Have you looked a ESA newstyle its based on your NI stamp over the last two years if you have paid NI then look up new style ESA on line you will get all the data you need keep in touch with kind regards des

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It’s called a mandatory review which there have to do if you disagree with there assessment but do it in writing not over the phone. By the way how do you starts new topic :joy:

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See the picture top right you can create a new topic when you go into unread or latest while this helps :blush: