New Year's Evolutions

So, here we are. Another year. I awoke today at 2 pm. Why did I sleep in so late? I don’t know. My partner pointed it out to me, “Are you not feeling well today?” I was feeling all right. I just slept in late. It’s a bit of a mystery, maybe my mind wanted to just have a bit of time out for the year. Does it matter? No it doesn’t.

As a stroke survivor, I won’t have New Year resolutions, I’ll have New Year’s evolutions. I will be evolving from an injury to make my life in 2023 be a little more capable. Will it be a lot? Probably not. I mark my success in increments of the smallest degree. I still have a lot left over to do from Christmas that I haven’t addressed yet. I have still Christmas cards to send to family :woozy_face:

If I was a magic man, I would wave a wand and heal us all. Alas, it is beyond my powers :grinning: Failing that, I have to extend my earnest and sincerest camaraderie to all of us who have been struck at the very core of our being. My year anniversary ended in September, but I also recognise everyone else’s New Year at the closing of December.

Gosh, it is pretty unique to feel mortal. Most people don’t know they were born. I think stroke drives home that we all share a precious common bond of being together.

May you all have a blwyddyn Newydd Dda.


Happy New Year to you too @Rups.
Nothing wrong with sleeping in sometimes. Our bodies need that time to recover.
Here’s to 2023 seeing more progress gor us all (small or large it all counts).
I used to stress a lot about getting all the kobs done in time for Christmas etc. Now if they get done they do & if not…well no one got hurt :blush:
Have a good new year.
Best wishes


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blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you @rups … here’s to New Year’s Evolutions, excellent :+1::sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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@Rups very well written as usual.
Good on you having such a big sleep. Did you go to bed late? Did you have a wakeful night?

Jobs will get done when you feel like it. Christmas cards can be written out but say for 2023.

Cards seem overrated by people and it’s becoming less. You could just send a message to everyone if you feel the need!

Anyway happy 2023 with less set backs and more going forward. I hear you. Best wishes Loraine :blush::hugs: x

This is a special place this forum


All the best Rups, to you and yours, may 2023 bring you happiness, peace and things you can look back on with joy.

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Best wishes for the New Year Rups, lets hope we can all move forward a little bit more!!!
Thinking of all us Stroke Survivors out there tonight. My Love and wishes go to you all.
Jane… X.


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Rupert…

It’s my birthday on the 10th, not my biological one, my new one, they day where the old me ceased to exist, and the new me was born painfully at 49 years old.
I won’t be dwelling on it, and I certainly won’t be coming here to declare it as some sort of anniversary, the proceeding 12 months have been so brutally savage that there has been many may times when I seriously doubted seeing 2023 at all.

“pretty unique to feel mortal” - it’s invigorating isn’t it, like we have some insight that the immortal people that surround us can have no notion of understanding for…so are we to run towards life, embracing every moment with a relish only the mortal can comprehend…
or…run away from death, chased by our own shadows and fear and mortality and its finite threshold cowering every moment.

it’d be nice to have less suffering so that the embracing was more freely adopted, let us find them gaps more in 2023, so that we can relish more before our mortal beings are realised.

My plan for 2023, a micro campervan, me, my girl and the Welsh Coast, Foam and Fabric ordered, micro kitchen underway and micro seat and bed frame near complete, our tailgate tent had to be unstitched and modified to fit, but we did it. My December project and me running towards 2023, regardless, and not away from 2022.

Take care Rups, Take care All,

Choose life “Renton - Trainspotting”

Screenshot 2023-01-01 2.55.44 AM


Well done on the campervan @Pontwander you free to roam and rest what a great project and plan. :clinking_glasses:

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Looks great I am sure you will enjoy.

All the best Rups may your evolutionary journey take great strides forward.

Take care

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Hi Rups, great plan for 2023. Best wishes to you and your family.

Happy travelling, Enjoy. Look forward to hearing all about it.

Regards Sue

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@Rups Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2023. I am still reeling from the shock of my recent stroke, but the welcome and kindness from everyone on here has been amazing. Life is precious, enjoy the small things and the love of your family and friends.


Shwmae, diolch @Loshy, I fell asleep at about midnight, but just zonked until 2 pm. If my partner hadn’t had woken me, I might have slept on. I’m rather active during my waking hours, so I am not worried that I may be leading a sedentary lifestyle. I hope you had a grand blwyddyn Newydd, I let my hair down and went to the pub for three pints with a couple of my close friends.

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Brilliant, I bet that took a bit of Tetris style skill in planning. We bought a Ninja cooker thing, and Ieverytime I look at it, I think it would be perfect for mobile cooking spaces as it does everything. I hope you had a splendid blwyddyn Newydd, and find some spectacular spots to camp.


This is brilliant! Well done @Rups - I hadn’t thought about this before so one to ponder. Happy New Year everybody :heart:


:hugs: … em @Rups someone that is sitting here at the moment says: ‘So, he’s resolving to be evolving?’ … they are very much into Puns etc just to put it in perspective. I was sharing about your ‘evolutions instead of resolutions’ theory (brilliant by the way), which I hope you don’t mind if I share that (verbally) with others? :thinking: :sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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:grin: Diolch yn fawr Anne, it certainly is not one I can break, as I have no choice but to evolve. It will be gradual, I know that, but there are some things I can do in relative comfort after two years of struggle, and having those things is a real blessing. I hope you had a cheerful blwyddyn Newydd, I let my hair down a bit and went to the pub with two friends. Last time I was there was the end of the previous year.

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Mae’n iawn @Rups. So true we are always evolving. Great that you can look back and see all your achievements, acknowledge your struggles … drawing upon these miracles, moving forward gradually. I’ve always been a ‘pioneer/multitasker’ … and have had to become so much more mindful nowadays… so glad I piled so much into the first half of my life though :relaxed: Lots to reminisce on, and set goals from, living at a more mindful pace.

I had a quiet NY, thankyou for asking, (blwyddyn Newydd too) … taking it easy as not too well. What I’d give to go back to my days of going for a drink in the pub after work with friends (I miss having a Guinness or two); great that you went out to welcome the NY in, and have a beer (assuming beer/lager :thinking:). Hope you enjoyed letting your hair down :man_dancing::mirror_ball::beer:

Oh … I keep meaning to ask, you know the pig in your SA video … did you arrange the hay on its head like that or was it just naturally there? :sweat_smile: as in it’d been foraging in hay for some food? And no, I haven’t just had a Guinness :relaxed: :sweat_smile:.

Ok, I’m getting silly now so off to sleep. Happy evolving @Rups and all.


Shwmae Anne, sorry to hear you were not too well, hope it has eased a tad. I hit a brick wall just after Christmas, had to explain to people why I needed a day to myself. Symptoms were acute and I knew that if I didn’t take time out, things would drag on. I had three pints of the guest ale. The pub I go to retains its character as a true country pub where you can keep your wellies on, and there’s always a dog or two seeking out a scratch from strangers. So, it’s a gentle place to have a wee dram.

Josephine, one of my pigs, would have just woken up and, by virtue of her nap, had clumps of straw stuck to her curly coat. Can you believe, I used to carry her, and put her in garden plots to rootle around the soil.

I agree with you in living a fulfilling existence prior to stroke. I do feel that I sucked the marrow sufficiently enough to feel satisfied that now I can move forward in a different way and it will season the time I have already spent. It’s a rather balanced perspective that thwarts impossible yearning.


Unfortunately, @Rups nope still not well, but thanks for asking. Sorry to hear you ‘hit a brick wall’ (I take things very literally and thought you’d ACTUALLY done so :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: glad that wasn’t the case); so sorry your symptoms acutely flared up like that … not good. I can relate to the ‘symptoms dragging on’ if one ignores red alerts from one’s body. Hope things are ok now.

Excellent that you literally stopped at that point :brick:, letting people know you need time out, and went to the Pub … which sounds lovely; glad to hear there are still Country Pubs like that, nice and quiet and laid back.

Ahhh, that’s her name, Josephine …. It must be weird thinking back to a tiny little piglet and seeing her now. I really did think you’d put the hay on her head to look like hair :sweat_smile: All is revealed now. Yes she looks like she’d have been a fine garden rotavator :smile:

“I agree with you in living a fulfilling existence prior to stroke. I do feel that I sucked the marrow sufficiently enough to feel satisfied that now I can move forward in a different way and it will season the time I have already spent. It’s a rather balanced perspective that thwarts impossible yearning.”

Absolutely, live in the moment as much as possible. I had planned to travel before the Stroke, similar to @Pontwander … but my body wants me to stay in situ, ie in bed :roll_eyes: so that is what I will do for the moment. Keep warm and safe @Rups, and I wish you good health :sparkles:Anne :sparkles: