New year new challenge

Happy new year all I’m still getting over think chest infection or some bug, couldn’t even visit family Xmas day or new year, now even scared in case I need an ambulance and have this wait so stopped watching news


Seems like everybody has been sick over the holidays. A friend of mine missed Christmas because of covid. I’ve had a bad cold. I think we’re all getting sick because we’ve isolated for so long and are now starting to see more people and our bodies have to get used to being around others all over again . Anyway, I think it’s a good idea to stop with the news. It’s depressing. Watch something happy.

I hope your 2023 is a VERY GOOD YEAR! :slightly_smiling_face: Jeanne

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Yeah @axnr911 @Mickyboy all my household have been sick too. My youngest daughter is very ill at the moment with this bug going around.
Happy new year hope it’s a better one for you :hugs:

Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell over Christmas and New Year, unfortunately everyone you speak seems to be suffering. Our 4 grandchildren have all been unwell at some point over the holiday and seem to get better and then become unwell again. One of our grandsons has now been unwell on and off for 8 weeks.

I don’t blame you for avoiding the news at the moment, it’s quite scary if you think too deeply about everything. Rest and look after yourself and hopefully you’ll soon be on the mend. I think there will be lots of belated Christmas celebrations going on when people recover from this horrible virus doing the rounds. Can’t wait for the weather to improve and we can all get back out into the garden.
Take care and stay safe and warm. Regards Sue

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@Mickyboy hope your infection disappears for good very soon. This virus is a horrid one & taking weeks to clear.

I too avoid the news. Stick to watching stuff you enjoy.

Here’s hopjng 2023 is filled with happy things. Xx

I’m amazed at the variety problems we SS have to put up with. In hospital bloke in next bed couldn’t wait to get home to watch TV , had no desire just felt numb. Once home no desire to watch or listen, struggled to read books other than of non fiction that I was familiar with so as not to exhaust myself. Physical exercise baby steps at first, on occasion overdid it and suffered big time. Now 2years on don’t watch news ever or listen but can watch a couple of gentle comedy’s or a session of Master Chef a week. Was surprised when reading on here that some of you have been to see recent Blockbuster at cinema :scream_cat:. But dipped my toe in water and have enjoyed a few trips out to theatre. No great desire to have holiday at home or abroad at present just to jog along steadily. This is my world at present. As suggested to me by my next door neighbour.
‘ Say to yourself, Somethings missing’
and leave it at that.


@Pds I’m with you re the cinema. I always found it yoo loud but now…sensory overload x 10 I imagine. I was a theatre goer pre stroke & its one of my goals to return to it. Might be a little while yet though. :grinning:

Hi, my daughters took me to the theatre to see Matilda in my early recovery days when I was still using a wheelchair. I must admit I was quite nervous beforehand but I’m pleased to say it went really well, we even went to a restaurant for something to eat beforehand. They booked seats allocated for people with mobility issues which were on the end of the aisle and were close to the disabled toilets. I thoroughly enjoyed it although we haven’t been since. This is purely due to the extortionate price of some of the shows even though the seats for people with disabilities are discounted and nothing to do with the experience itself.

Definitely worth giving it a try.

Regards Sue

I took my niece to see Matilda a few years back. It was fabulous. I would love to take my mum to see the Lion King which is also fabulous.

I need to sort my mobility out a bit more & also be able to travel without wiping myself out for a week but I really hope to try the theatre sooner rather than later.

It is expensive isn’t it. Still i’d rather do 1 show a year than lots of cinema visits. :blush::blush:

Best wishes

Ann x

Happy New Year @Mickyboy, thankyou. Maybe check with 111 or get a home visit from your GP? The infection has been going on a long time now, up to you of course. :sparkles::sparkles:

Re TV/Social Media/News (including the radio!) … I don’t engage with any of that now … it was definitely dragging me down, especially as it’s all so dramatically represented and ‘on a loop’.

It’s like when I gave up ‘normal tea’ …. And began drinking so many varieties of Herbal Teas …. took some getting used to, but I love them now.

Anyway yes @Mickyboy … I suggest avoid anything negative. I have Netflix and also Prime Streaming services, and watch DVD’s, and my White Noise machine is v calming. Yes, I play CD’s! And I wish I still had my old Vinyl records …. Would be very happy playing them on a (can’t remember the name of it!) machine. :thinking:

I do suggest contacting your GP, 111, or Consultant urgently. And I hope you’ve been able to keep warm and safe … take care and keep in touch, :sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Had a chest infection too. Have been very careful with my walking so as,hopefully, not to need an ambulance. Hopefully, this stress will pass.lockdown kept us free from the usual winter bugs that are now knocking us down like skittles.

Thanks Anne I to have loads of vinyl and amp turntable to play but still in boxes from when I moved in with daughter, told her to keep them when I’m gone will be worth something as vinyl is coming back, still feel rough may be call to docs last time I went to show was Motown was quite a adventure getting there and back mick

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*thank everyone for reply means a lot to me as hardly see anybody, do have age uk ring me and stroke telephone ring me for 55 minutes catch up and befriending service, but would like to get out but it’s just to cold for me and wet, really am getting fed up of being excluded from certain things mick

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Good to hear you have contact with Age UK & Stroke Association. This time of year is difficult for many. Often don’t see peoe that you’d see in the summer months. Gets dark early & people generally tend to go out less. I have to rely on hubby taking me places & he works full time so am home alone quite a lot. I’ve found some new hobbies to help me pass the time but will be better when I get back to work as will get to interact with more people.
Spring is on its way. Hopefully you can get out more then.

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Hey @Mickyboy why don’t you get those records out asap, and play them on your amp turntable?! Lucky you :four_leaf_clover:

That was the word I was thinking of…turntable, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Letting your Records gather dust would be such a shame, would your Daughter or a Neighbour give you a hand? Then you can all enjoy them together. (Up to you of course), but a blast from the past might help? :notes: :musical_score: Music can really lift your spirits :+1:

Since my Stroke, my memory of music, books, films etc has disappeared…how would you describe Motown again? Sounds like an excellent memory …. ( I haven’t been to a Show/Concert etc for so many years) @Mickyboy!! I do recall seeing The Stranglers (Art College Phase :sweat_smile:), and Wham, supported by Boy George in his very early days! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

SO glad you’re thinking of ringing your GP/111 for advice and treatment … especially as you have COPD, and I think it’s if you have a chest infection ongoing, Say 4+ weeks (the rule is to get checked out by your GP)…but I’m not a medical professional. I hope you do, but it’s up to you.

Remember to get the dust off those boxes (maybe wear a mask so you don’t breathe it in) and play those Vinyls!!

Take care, keep wrapped up and warm, :sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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Good morning ( it’s pouring as I type :confounded:)
Was set up with Spotify by son when I came out of hospital, was a complete Mumpty regarding anything technical so not a good time to start learning computing skills but two years on so pleased I’ve learnt the basics and able to post and enjoy this wonderful Forum and the Great people who contribute. Oooops back to Spotify…… Helped my depression in early days, started off with folk which I’ve always enjoyed but got too involved with lyrics and couldn’t cope so switched to light classical and Spotify then picks up your mood choices and adds what it thinks your enjoy. Like a ‘Kind Big Brother’. Strange thing is now at present have no great desire to listen to music…… Strange, is it just me ?


Thanks everyone for all your support, will ring Docters in morning as this thing bug whatever is getting me down now, I use YouTube for music as it’s easy to navigate mostly listen to Nat king Cole,the platters,all 50/60/70 music you can understand especially Tommy Edward it’s all in the game, as it’s so true anyway can’t do books as start seeing double and eyes hurt, I’m trying to help my neighbour at moment he has onset ms other elderly neighbour has gone to live with family he’s 95 god hope I don’t live that long be unbearable that’s what fritens me the most being totally useless anyway let you all know what happens mick


I use YouTube for mysic too. Select my first song then let it play whatever it thinks. Don’t listen so much these days.

Well done on helping your neighbour.

Ann x

Great that you’re going to the GP @Mickyboy, good luck, they’ll hopefully sort things out :sparkles: I agree with @Mrs5K that’s very kind of you to help your Neighbour. Don’t overdo it though, just a suggestion! So Motown is from the 50’s and 60’s?

Yes, I’m the same … I find it hard to read books now. So, I’ve gone down the ‘Audible Books’ route, lots of different ways to do this, Audible, Amazon Prime, and CD’s. Mind you, YouTube has some great stuff on it too :hugs: and some inspiring affirmations.

I can relate to what you said about being elderly and of little use, … but am trying to stay in the moment, might sound corny, but I mean it. You never know what’s around the corner! Your Family would look out for you wouldn’t they? And have you seen that Lady that is about 85 I think (look on YouTube), and she’s teamed up with a 30/40 year old … and they do amazing acrobatic stunts! She looks so tiny and frail but she’s spinning around above the guys head, as he throws her around. That sounds awful the way I described that but you’d find it on YouTube :sweat_smile:,

Anyway, good luck at the GP’s tomorrow, take care :sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Bug seems to have gone still wobbly legs seem to get heavy or slightly cramping sensation, where they opened my right artery getting really stiff and uncomfortable all this started while I got this bug or whatever it was happy new year :woozy_face:

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