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Hi I Mark aged 60. My stroke was in November just 1 month after 60th birthday- great present! I was in kitchen and right leg and arm didn’t feel right - heavy and wobbly. I’m a GP by background and although the alarm bells started to ring I couldn’t believe it might be a stroke. Rang my wife who came home and drove me to Addenbrookes Cambridge which was 20 minutes away. Walked into A&E which was actually empty to say to nurse I’m having a stroke! Within 30 mins in CT which was normal. Got admitted and MRI next day showed a 1cm lacunar infarct on left. Went home with loads of tablets.
I’ve been lucky as nearly three months later all limbs working and tiredness a lot better. Mood low over christmas and being honest found it difficult at times as I look well- and everyone therefore thinks you’re normal - but energy and mood means you’re not!!
Decided to retire properly from NHS role and that’s end of next week with aim to get fitter and enjoy myself as feel very lucky it could have been worse.
I’ve dipped into forum at times and the posts from everyone are really inspiring.


Hello Mark, @seachairs18, welcome to our community. Sorry to hear you’ve joined us, but together we can help each other rebuild our lives after stroke. A lacunar stroke is fairly rare, I am to believe. I am glad to hear you are marching forwards with a ‘can do’ attitude, albeit, having to deal with the darker more introspective worries we all get during those times.

Hi Mark, welcome to this forum, everyone has knowledge and advise to give. I find this forum very helpful and supportive. I had the same stroke as you last March aged 59, lacuna left back infarct my 60th was 1 week later. I’m like you, inside I’m not ok but the outside I look ok. I am finding odd things happening now such as a spinning sensation last august very unstable and then a numbness down my right thigh. Hospital told me it was vertigo but it felt like it did when I had the stroke in March. My fingers from ring finger to thumb keep going pins and needles and numb. I have bought support splints formy hands to wear during the night but they still wake me up. They told me it’s carpel tunnel. I don’t know if this has happened since the stroke or just old age creeping on. Anyway I work in schools and I know the pressure in my head will not allow me to give 100% to the children so I’ve quit! Don’t know what to do yet but I’d like a small part time job and I’ve taken up painting on canvas which is good for hand and eye coordination. My fitness had dipped but I’m walking 4 km a day hoping to increase. We are big skiers in our household so I’m hoping to get back next year. I wish you well in your recovery and retirement. Loraine :smiley:

Thanks Loraine We have a similar story at a similar age! I too am walking quite a bit but skiing I’ll probably miss! Good luck in finishing work- it’s a new chapter for me to discover new things!

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Thanks Rups for your message. Yes how we feel inside is often hard to share. Best wishes Mark

Hi Mark, I had a left lacuna infarct in February 4 years ago. Mainly I have some short term memory loss and stroke fatigue, but also have developed some numbness in my feet recently- not sure why. I also have tinnitus in my left ear which is very intrusive especially when I’m tired. On the whole though I feel I’ve improved a lot and have recently started cooking new dishes for us - something I could not have done a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have followed a recipe properly I don’t think. Wishing you well in your recovery just be prepared for the odd setback now and again, I haven’t found a way of avoiding them yet.


Ann glad to hear you are improving. Good luck with the recipes. I often do the evening meal in week and I find a great way to switch off listening to podcasts through my ear phones!

Hi Mark, it is a new chapter, I never thought I’d be saying goodbye to my work at 60, but we can manage as I take on new roles. I’m goi g to try yoga and pace my walking to 8 km every other day and 5km on the other days! I seem to be looking after my little grandchildren more which is nice too with out the stress of work! Good luck and keep in touch :blush:

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Thanks Loshy. You’re doing well with the walking distances.

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Hi Mark @seachairs18, welcome, though I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke.

It’s great you’re making progress. Low mood is par for the course for us SS, as you’ll well know, given your background, though it’s tough being on our side of the fence and it’s sad you’re discovering this for yourself.

Getting fitter to enjoy your retirement is a great plan, there’s so much to enjoy from life, hopefully you’ll have new interests and hobbies to keep you busy.

Take care, wishing you all the best.

Thanks for your kind words

There is no easy answer to anything a stroke leaves you with, one just has to get stuck in and try to regain as much of the old you as possible. There are times when even the simplest of exercises become too difficult to do and fortunately these times are pretty rare for me but they do occur.


Thanks Deigh
Best wishes

Hi Mark I had a thalamic stroke 4 years ago and my right side suffers from tingling clenching of muscles but all sensory stuff. People who saw me right after couldn’t believe I’d had a stroke and I explained all my symptoms but As time went by I just said ‘thank you’. Unfortunately I still have the symptoms but fortunately I had retired.
This year I was one of the first to go into the Solway Firth on New Years Day. I have also taken up art - use ‘art’ as trying all different mediums and finding it so relaxing.
Determined to try new things and create new memories. I am 63

Thanks Tricia for sharing your story. Solway Firth must have been invigorating! Good luck with the art.
Best wishes

Hi All,

I have never posted on here, and to be honest I am not on any social media, so do find this all a little new but here goes and here is my story.

My name is Darren and are 45 years of age, I have a supportive wife with two typical active boys of 4 and 9. I was genuinely active and healthy, or at least i thought i was until the day i had my stroke coming completely out of the blue.

I was about to play golf, and suddenly felt like my arm and whole left side lock up, to cut long story short i ended up in intensive care, and in the local infirmary for a 5 week period, it was tough, as this was last May during the height of Covid, we had moved from the Midlands back up north, and our boys couldn’t visit me, but I am a very stubborn, strong willed and a positive person, so after been told i may potentially never walk again, I have worked hard and are now walking, and back to work.

I am now struggling mentally with the last 10% of recovery, finding i am getting very frustrated with myself and getting emotional often, which i didn’t do pre-stroke, apparently the area i had the bleed (left side) affects your emotions,

Any advice or sharing of a similar story would be a massive help i think.