New stroker

@Chrisfw yes go for it. Don’t worry about a thing life’s to short. Have a great holiday.

I went June to Greece, I was more worried about flight and fatigue but I was fine on both accounts. Just what the doctor ordered rest!! Have fun too Loraine

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@Chrisfw enjoy your holiday, I haven’t flew myself as yet, but that’s down to other factors going, I’d be on a plane in a heartbeat given the opportunity.

@Chrisfw If you feel OK & you’ve been cleared to fly then why not go for it. I flew to Majorca 5 months after my stroke. I was a little anxious but it all went ok.

I booked assistance at the airport which helped with the fatigue. Also pick up a sunflower lanyard at airport so people can see you have a hidden disability. Makes them a bit more patient. I made sure I kept my legs moving on the flight. I did loads of relaxing when I was there & I was very pleased I’d gone.

It’s your call but if it was me I’d go.

Have a great time xx

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hi Chris
the heightened emotions do calm down, the headaches i have not had, so no advice there, hopefully stroke clinic will assess you quickly.
Good luck

Hi Chris, I suffered the same type of stroke,you are definitely not a fraud my friend. I was in the hospital same

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Sorry Wi-Fi issue.Having any sort of stroke is a little scary,and feeling emotional is a part of the recovery process. I take each day and set little goals to surpass.Good luck in your recovery :v: