New Record Player

Didn’t know whether to post this under the tipic of music or of stroke frustration so have done it here. We were lucky enough to take delivery of a new turntable so now can play the old records that have been sitting around since we moved here three years ago. We have a really ecclectic collection and I’m certainly not going to play them all, but I shall enjoy dancing to some and contemplating while listening to others. However the effort in setting the thing up! What with my husband’s bad back and hemiplegia and my general post-stroke poor coordination and inability to follow tech instructions (OK I was pretty poor at that before the stroke) it was a right pain and we’ll need to rest listening to the most soothing of the LPs in order to recover


@FionaB1 they never make these things easy do they. I’m rubbish at following instructions to set up new tech these days. Just think of all the lovely music you xan enjoy now you’ve cracked it. A massive well done & happy listening xxxx

@FionaB1 exciting love listening to old Lps takes me back to my youth.

Happy dancing around well done and enjoy :wink:

@FionaB1 once you’ve got over the pain of setting it up , enjoy your music, dancing and loosing yourself in the memories and contemplation. Music is good for the soul, it is for me :notes::musical_score::notes:

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Morning @FionaB1. I swear technology is only there to make things more difficult. At the risk of sounding like a luddite I was never good at working it out prestroke but now find any new, particularly technical task very overwhelming. My lovely hubbie fortunately takes on most new stuff and then patiently explains what I need to do. I am very grateful he is here. Enjoy your vinyl, I love the feel of putting a record on- I cheat and play stuff on Spotify. Music is so important to me, it’s part of my history and who I am. All the best, Julia x

Shwmae @FionaB1, what a delight. Music via vinyl or shellac sounds incredible. Phono fun. I miss listening to mine as I need a suitable amplifier, and I am yet to come across one at a suitable price. :musical_score:

Hi Fiona
Can you not ask a family member or a neighbour to assist

Hi, well done, we all know how difficult it is to follow instructions
post stroke. Hopefully you can now enjoy relaxing to your favourites tunes.

I love listening to music but I’m ot very tech savvy and have made myself a great play list on Spotify and wouldn’t be without it.

Regards Sue

Our lovely daughter often helps us with practical things and luckily she is only just across the road, but she didn’t have to this time. My husband is very good at the theory of IT, having worked in it for years, but he’s not very physically fit and has zero patience with my confusion - but we got there in the end. Have been listening to Kate Bush and Jean-Michelle Jarre all afternoon


I like Jean-Michelle Jarre’s album Oxygène, and a lot of Kate Bush songs. Happy to hear you got it all set up and revolving. :grinning:

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Kate Bush - top top choice xx


Listened to ABBA “When I kissed the Teacher” yesterday. They wouldn’t write that these days

I dont think i know that one. Going to have to find it on youtube now & have a listen :grin: