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@Selwyn welcome to our forum and I’m sorry you have had a second stroke.

I cannot be of help but maybe someone will answer your question on our forum.

Kind regards Loraine

Thank you so much! Selwyn

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Welcome @Selwyn to the Forum :slightly_smiling_face: That must be very frustrating… could you put coloured labels on the keys and then write the letter on top? Just an idea. I can relate tho, as I find I’m missing out words in sentences, so I need to double-check everything :roll_eyes:

But the worst thing lately was using the Word Game sections of the Forum, which I enjoy. I had posted I think, the name of an animal; the idea is to list them alphabetically. Then someone else posted something like: ‘ Eh … where have the other letters (of the Alphabet gone?’.

In my Brain, I was sure I was posting re the next relevant letter … but I’d missed out FOUR letters. It seems a small thing but really got to me :cry:. It has set me back a bit, I have to say.

Now, I’m paranoid and keep checking I’m posting in order of the Alphabet, as I did it again 2 days later aaaarrrgh! I didn’t feel too well at the time and I think I was having a TIA?? Who knows. Anyway, good luck, there must be a solution … maybe there’s an App or something. The Brain sure is a complicated invention. Wishing you well, :sparkles:Anne​:sparkles:Ps did your Stroke affect your hands? Maybe a couple of your fingers aren’t quite receiving the sufficient signals thru your eyes to reach those letters, interestingly all the right side of the keyboard. I’m not an expert by the way … just some thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Shwmae @Selwyn, is it that you cannot recognise the letter?

@Selwyn Welcome to our little group.

Whilst I haven’t had any experience of this myself, there are others who have reported similar issues, here, perhaps trying a different keyboard with larger letters may help, though if you can’t recognise the letters I doubt that will help.

Hopefully with a little more time it will improve for you.

Best wishes

I haven’t had a problem with the keyboard, but for some apparent reason I cannot write the letter d. If I try to write the word badly or any other word with a d in it I come unstuck. It is most weird!!!

@jane.cobley have you tried writing it bigger than usual to begin with? I struggled with writing in a normal size style eg using say one line of lined paper at the beginning , my hand just froze and wouldn’t move but if I wrote bigger using 2/3 lines on the paper I could write the letters, albeit very wobbly and stilted.

After lots of practice I can now write smaller than that but still a lot larger than my previous size of writing, using the whole space of one line on lined paper, perhaps it will help you too.

Thanks for that I will definitely give it a try.

Thank you all so much for your replies!

The occupational therapist tried highlighting the affected keys with coloured stickers but your idea about writing the lettering on stickers sounds like a good one and is well worth a try – thank you.

My hand is back to normal now and the struggle occurs using either hand although only one was affected so the OT ruled that out. I can recognise the letters perfectly but the problem seems to be a processing one in the sense my brain stops me making contact with the keys.

Thanks for the link which are most interesting case studies and at least I know it’s not just me! Also, yes, all these letters are in the right hand half of the keyboard!

All your ideas are very much appreciated!