New member saying hi!

Hi, new here, I’ve been home for 2 weeks after walking into a & e on the 13 March. I didn’t know that 12 hours later I was going to be trapped in my own body. I completely lost the right side of my body. I have been working hard with therapy and I’m up on n my feet trying to do what I can. The fatigue is the hard bit!


Oh the good old fatigue. One thing most of us have in common. Pace yourself & rest when needed. Its very important in the early stages of recovery.

I too walked into a&e but didn’t walk out. Left side for me.

Work hard on your rehab & theres lots of hope for improvement.

Aww what happened? Are you home now? Sending :hugs:

Yes, i’m 18 months on now. I had a dissected carotid artery. I lost my vision, balance & was very dizzy then lost use of my arm. Whilst in hospital i guess my stroke progressed a bit & ended up with full left side affected. I’ve made loads of progress but still have mobility issues.

It could have been worse so i’m not complaining…too much :grin: xxx

Welcome to the forum @flossy71, I’m sure you will find it helpful. Sorry you had a stroke.

Feel free to ask any questions here and you’ll most likely get replies from several of us that have had similar experiences.

Good luck on your recovery journey.


Wow, thanks for sharing! You have a lovely positive attitude, which helps, it’s how I am. I’m fortunate to be here and a new appreciation for life!
Warm wishes

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Hello mark and thanks for the lovely reply! :smiley:

You are doing really well, so keep up the good work. The fatigue can be the worst part of it sometimes, and that does linger on, but as everyone has said, pace yourself, if you feel you need to rest do it, it is the only way.
Sending you best wishes and keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Thank you so much Jane :smiley:

That’s absolutely one of the key elements to a good recovery, a positive attitude and patience, lots of patience! That’s my opinion anyway and my mantra. We are lucky to be alive and have a second chance so once we get over the initial shock of this life changing event why not re-evaluate your life (you’re going to have to make substantial changes anyway).

I definitely appreciate family more, you can start to take people for granted. I think I have become a little less selfish and now enjoy helping others where I can. Perhaps stroke has given me a new sense of purpose and a chance to be a bit nicer.

Who knows. I’ll stop rambling now!

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@flossy71 i welcome to our forum but sorry you had your stroke.

Fatigue creeps up on us. I’m 2 years post stroke and as long as I listen to my body I try to keep it at bay by doing small things each day. But sleeping when I need to even if it’s only 11am :joy::joy:.

Keep talking to us. Onwards and up wards kind wishes Loraine

Ingo66 thank you for your lovely message! I certainly will become an inspiration to others, and if I can be of any help to others my purpose is fulfilled! :mending_heart:

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Hi flossy,you’re in the right place you’ll find people on here really want to help and point you in the right direction.Its a long hard road but you’ll find that there’s lots of people at various stages along that path here and all I’ve come across will try to help if they can or just to listen if you need a rant(as I did when I joined last week)I’ve done more this last week than in the previous two years to try and get help and it’s all from knowing there’s People who not only care but understand how your feeling.I hope your recovery is as quick and complete as it can be


Hey Justin, thanks for the lovely message. I have been working hard since day 2 of my stroke. I am surprisingly positive and laugh a lot which helps. I felt myself on day 2 almost slip into a depressive state but this could have had another ending to the story. I am so fortunate to be alive even though it’s a hard journey. :blush:

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Hi mrs5k I too had a disected cartroid artery and have left side Hemonopia as my vision was affected too. I’m almost 3 years on, take things easy rest well if you can and wish you good healing x

Thank you @Elle1 in many ways I’ve been lucky but that also came with lots of hard work & determination. I have still got deficits but I try not to let them get me down. That doesn’t always work though.

I hope you are getting on ok & coping with your hemonopia xxx

@flossy71 i think a positive attitude helps loads. Although we all get our own moments i’m sure. This forum is great for picking you up when you’re feeling down.

Patience is a big part of recovery. Something i wasn’t very good at. Am better now (most of the time :rofl::rofl:).

Hi Mrs 5k, Thank you for your reply, yes it does make you appreciate what I have but you are right it’s not always easy especially some days. Do you still have the Hemonopia like me or did it resolve itself. Hope you don’t mind me asking x

@Elle1 i don’t mind you asking at all. My vision issues were reduced vision, double vision in some areas (what they call convergence), blurriness & I had lots of flashing lines in front of my eyes. Also words had moved to the left and down the page so everything was off centre. The flashing lines thankfully went within a few weeks & my main sight returned in a similar time frame. I still have the double vision/convergence issues & blurriness. I see an ophthalmologist regularly & have daily exercises. I have to go for an eye test before my next appointment as I’d got quite a drop in my sight in 8 weeks so they want me to get it checked. I wonder if having a birthday had anything to do with it :rofl::rofl:

My convergence & blurriness hasn’t improved in 18 months so i’m not sure it will now but you never know. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Hi Flossy, sorry to hear of your stroke but welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors of all different ages and different types of strokes. As you will have read, everyone’s stroke is different as is everyone’s recovery.

It sounds like you’ve got a great attitude and that your recovery is going really well. Try not to work yourself too hard and rest when you need to. Keep up the good work abd we look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Sue