Finger nails, toe nails, create looks of horror when you mention them.

I’m a guy, highly unlikely to ever visit a nail bar.

Getting someone to give me a hand clipping nails is really difficult if not impossible.

Somehow the nails on my ‘good hand’ fill up with black gunge in no time yet the nails on my ‘weak hand’ remain clean, with nothing getting under them. Why?

I used to have reasonably manicured hands, now they grow, cracked, very roughly clipped, wild and free. Ah well.

Message from my world of stroke. Is it only me?

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My nails have been better since my stroke. I put that down to not doing as much…less chance for them to crack & break. I don’t like muck under my nails so am always cleaning them. I do find cutting my toes nails on my affected leg difficult as I can’t lift my leg & bending makes me dizzy :upside_down_face:

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The reason is that you are having to use your strong hand more thus risking dirtier nails. For some reason, I can still use my weak hand to cut the finger nails of my right hand. I have to be very careful though. As for toe nails, someone visits the house to cut them every six weeks and moisturise them. Well worth the money.

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Hi, I had problems with the nails on my affected hand immediately after my stroke. It looked as though they were bleeding at the base and no one could tell me why ?? This appeared to right itself after a tear or so and now I just get one of my daughters or a friend to cut them when they need doing.

As for my toe nails, I now have a visit to the chiropodist every so often to keep them neat and tidy.

Unfortunately my stroke, 5 years ago, paralysed my left side, so I need help with
all aspects of my life.
Regards Sue

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@Bobbi, my mother-in-law has someone who comes round just for toe clipping. There are several services that offer to do it at home, not sure if the pricing is adequate for your budget but could be a treat. Or alternatively, one can buy electronic nail clippers which would be easier to use than the standard clipper.

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