My stroke

dont know why iam feeling tired as i was doing more on wednesday but i over done it it was cooler then, but i still feel tired, i try to clean, but broke somethig of hubbys, he isnt happy so did the same, i cant standa dirty house as son is coming next week

@tricia3 I often find I feelnthe fatigue a couple of days after I have been busy. It makes it difficult to recognise the triggers but it does get easier over time. I keep a diary of what I’ve done so I can reflect back and look at triggers.
I broke something the other day too. Try not to best yourself up over it. It can happen to anyone.
Take it easy today. Sounds like you need to rest xx

it wasnt mine to break. it was hubbys, and hewas very angry, i went for short walk just now, its just my son is coming down on thursday, everything s so dirty,its three months since i had stroke,get low sometimes

@tricia3 Shame your hubby got so angry. Its very difficult but I’m sure you didn’t do it on purpose. Feeling low is a normal stroke reaction. If its overwhelming you speak to your GP as they should be able to help. I’m sure your son is coming to see you & not look at the house. It took me ages to accept that the house was dirtier than I would have wanted it but I just couldn’t do it. Initially I apologised about the state to everyone that visited. I don’t do that now.
Please look after yourself. Take care xx

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thanks, i had letter from hospital about apt for ecg, being wired up to aheart monitor for 72 hours,isthat normal after stroke, as i had all the tests while iwas there and as outpatient

Yes its normal. I had a 48 hr monitor. Others had 72 hrs. Just one of the standard tests they do to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Yes it is @tricia3 i had 72 hours then 7 days, they found a 2 second delay in my heart beat but said not to worry for now unless I start passing out or fainting! Of course it worried me but there’s nothing I can do. If there’s anything to be found it will be worth it to get the treatment. Or otherwise all will be told that your fine. Best wishes :smiley:

thanks for info :

i thought i uploaded my profile pic, it dont sem to be ther85152659_10221614847060529_8659792634501398528_n
this is three yearsago golden hill shaftsberry


I had my stroke 11 months ago, and the stroke nurse has referred me NOW for a 72 hour heart monitor. I honestly think she’s only recently learned how to order them! I hope that it doesn’t find anything but even if it doesn’t it wil be a good opportunity to review things with the stroke nurse or my GP

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@FionaB1 its good your having one I had one 10 months after my stroke then they found something so had a 7 day one about another 3 months after. They found 2 second delay in my heart beat and said it’s fine unless you start fainting!! Useless my stroke team. I wish you well and that everything goes ok. Loraine

@FionaB1 that is a long delay. I had mine done after about 2 months. Seems I must have been lucky reading yours & Loraine’s stories. Fingers crossed it doesn’t find anything xx

I am having mine on the 25august.son has had to work today and was at work Thursday til nine,he is at am on own til he gets up then goes to work at 1 as is his girl freind.he will come round before he goes

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