My Mini

Hi Minnie
( what a wonderful name :red_car:) :smiley:
It has indeed brought me out of my shell in recent months having this wonderful
(Min-n>I<e .( see what I did there :+1:t6:) . It’s nice even though not getting enough points to get on the mobility scheme fully a blessing I’m sure getting enough PIPS that help with your insurance/petrol . What car model did you decide on buying do tell ?

I’ve got a Toyota Yaris. It’s a great little car. Very reliable and economical with the petrol. I couldn’t be without it.

Hi Minnie
small & economical is the Yaris like my mini …:red_car:
Just renewed my blue-badge On Monday as it takes up to 12 weeks to renew it for another 3 years … & delighted to receive a reply so quickly that me new blue-badge has been accepted & a £10 payment due before sending it out … . 12 weeks I was told by mobility people . All done in 2 days … .
Do you have a Blue Badge for your car Minnie it’s something I’m sure you qualify for being on PIPS .?
Happy Motoring :+1:t6::red_car::+1:t6:

Yes, I have a blue badge. It is a real Godsend. They always say the renewal process could take weeks but I always get my new one after about 2 weeks. My blue badge lets me park at the railway station for free. I visited a friend yesterday by train. Used my disabled persons railcard. The ticket was only £10.20 return (cheaper than paying the petrol). I’m really getting about now with the help of all these things. I just need to improve on my walking!

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i am new to thi and have just been given basic pip.
how do i get the mobility pip allowence


I hope the information given here answers a
Few of your questions Mike . Do let me know if I can relate any more advice to you as I’m on the mobility scheme … Good luck :red_car: