My Mini

… I seem to talk constantly about my Mini . … I do hope I’ve downloaded this photo correctly … fingers crossed .
. It was only last week after a 15 months delay owing to backlog/Pandemic the Disabled bay was marked out & being the only blue badge holder on the street. The bay is never used apart from when I’m parking up . It’s only a 2 min wobble from my flat to bay & can see car from flat window …
I have this car from the Mobility scheme which I have rental of for 3 years with it being taxed/insured/ & all mechanical problems is on warranty . That leaves only the petrol which sadly isn’t free . Lucky indeed many of my friends say . Though I did have my own Mini Cooper S which I sold after having this TIA stroke thinking that I had already had word from the FAA/DVLA regarding the loss of my licences & went in2 melt down mode for months on end . It was my own GP who has a 43 year old son who had a brain injury after a bad car accident & he went for a Mobility scheme car . Like myself there were strength tests eye site test endless correspondence to DVLA & again with the pandemic there was a delay shortage of staff optician closures ect ect it was a nightmare then I was assessed in a 2 hr driving assessment with a driving school nominated by DVLA . thankfully it wasn’t back to basics pushing/pulling at the steering wheel & driving at 3;45 1:50 that was a blessing I would of failed had it been as strict .
Yes my car gives me my independence/freedom & still find myself make helicopter noises when in car alone :joy:
anyone thinking of going into this scheme I would be happy to give the in and outs of applying for said vehicle.


@Jordan congratulations it’s super cool love the colour. Independence here you go! :blush:

Thanks Loshy
Can’t wait for the Air-Shows to start up again this year after a 2 yr postponement & drive the length breadth of the country to attend them .
I’m like a 5 yr old waiting for Santa to come down the chimney :joy:

:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:enjoy you deserve too :joy_cat::joy_cat: :blue_car:

Nice colour, can’t beat a little independence…. Enjoy making :helicopter: sounds :+1::grinning:

Love your car but not able to drive a moment but hubby drives we have a ford ranger wild track hubby is now my personal chauffeur

I’m the worlds worst backseat driver & b4 getting my licence back I was chauffeured around would invariably find myself… never quietly as an inner thought… “why did you do that” call yourself a driver” change gear “ ect aloud . many of my friends always found an excuse’s not to drive me … I wonder why :joy:


Hi Jordan, looks great, Before stroke had various cars, disabled & refer to car as my wife’s now . To be honest never really did, or enjoyed the manly driving thing. Now realising, how I miss it . If I could travel, seaside would be , my choice. ENJOY IT . David.

Thanks David3
for the months after relenting all Licences owing to stroke I was devastated & missed being a driver though more my Helicopter pilots licence & my mood swings were during that time uncontrollable the loss was huge & felt my world had caved in .
So having this Mobility car has brought back a major part of me I thought I had lost though not without its difficulties .
Having this wonderful machine has in so many ways has given back my independence to an extent :red_car:

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@Jordan :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::+1:t2:Great you have your license back now…. For your friends and family too!!

Hi Jordan, bit of advice please. Mobility scheme, as stated can’t drive now. Bought second hand scooter, rather unstable, possibly a mistake? Get pip Mobility, have become rather dependent on the money. I believe could get more suitable scooter on Mobility & they take payment from my pip . Thinking, instead of this, keep pip & buy scooter. Might be cheaper, in long run . Just wondered what your feelings are . Good speaking David.

Hi David3
A true petrol head I am though a scooter you mention I wouldn’t have a clue
Like yourself I too get P.I.P which pays for my car rental with an amount left that is given which I use for petrol/car washes for the month …
could I suggest if one of your family members could be the sole driver & with you using your P.I.P get onto the mobility scheme & get yourself a motor vehicle ( even a Mini).
Just a thought … :red_car::motor_scooter::red_car:

Thanks Jordan. David.

Shwmae @Jordan, I love the colour. Just a question, as I am not well-versed in car makes, is this mini bigger than the original mini?

Hi Rups
Yes when Bmw took over Austin mini it is a larger version of the original Mini
I hope this picture shows comparisons

Yikes, the original is quite a bit more compact. Can they call the new mini a mini? I used to have a Nissan Micra, it was a tiny little bug of a car, just an engine really with a basic chassis.

Hi Rups
Having had both the Austin Mini & now the Bmw Mini … they are & agree entirely the old being much more compacted there still Mini’s & the new Bmw version swings it for me every time :+1:t6::red_car::red_car::+1:t6:

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Hi David you said scooter unstable don’t know what kind you had, I have one which is really good on most surfaces, maybe going and trying some first, would love to get mobility but at 70 don’t qualify for pip.

Hi Mick , got what people call The Robin Reliant of scooters, ie tends to topple over easily. Receive PIP, stroke 2.5 years ago, now 64 years old. I think, if receiving pension, might be entitled to something similar? Watched TV Kate Garway, Caring for Derek, (hubby ) Agree with her when help is needed, government could make it easier to understand, options. Hope you’re not struggling as much. Had to get myself up early today, 5.30am . Laying awake, am is no good for me. Tend to wallow in self pity. Get up & potter, keeps my mind busy, better. Good speaking David.

Wow! Lovely car. You can’t beat that feeling of independence when you go out driving on your own again can you. I was one PIP point off getting Motability, so had to buy my car, but the PIP money pays for insurance and petrol etc.