My journey

Feel good got taxi to dentist and took bus home, cold out there and windy all in all very pleased with myself very nervous and anxious but did it, nice cuppa when got home next step on this new journey coming up. Hope you are well as can be.:blush: mick


@Mickyboy that’s amazing. You should be really chuffed & definitely deserved that cuppa :grin:

@Mickyboy highcrumba so chuffed for you bloody brilliant well done to you. Enjoy your cuppa and ready to plan your next outing? Do you feel great about your journey? It’s absolutely great news keep going :blush::hugs:Loraine

Well done Mick, bet you feel so proud :clap::clap::clap: look how far you’ve come in a couple of weeks

Hey @Mickyboy . Way to go. This is just the first brick in your new journey. Build on it👍 Julia x

@Mickyboy that is so good to hear - what an amazing achievement. Well done :+1:

Thanks am pleased with my self but always worry if I start to get overwhelmed then panic

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Mickyboy, I’m so proud of you I could burst! :grin:You’ve come a long way. There’s no stopping you now. The sky’s the limit! :star2: :rainbow: :sunny: :sun_with_face: :heart:Jeanne

Thanks for all your support next round trip on bus, they won’t kick me of for just doing a full circuit will they about 11/2 hour

Of course they won’t kick you off :grinning: an hour and a half on the bus, hope there’s some nice scenery for you to look at

@Mickyboy enjoy your bus trip. I look forward to hearing all about it. :blush::blush:

Good idea! Round trip on the bus. Cheaper than paying for a tour. Ha Ha :grin: :heart:Jeanne

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Well done Mickyboy.
I don’t go out on my own, because if I fall,which I do quite often I could break a bone. I have Osteoporosis, as well as a spastic leg, with foot drop left from my Brain Haemorrhage years ago. My husband Graham always goes with me.
Well done again :+1: