Mum had covid and struggling

Hi all
Since my 80 year old mum had her 3 massive strokes 4 months ago, she had covid for over a month and has pulled through. She still remains on a level 4 pureed diet with no rehabilitation as of yet. Although after querying with hospice they have requested a therapist, its going to take around 5 to 6 weeks to get one.
In the meantime my mum has lost loads of weight but has also said a couple new words. But finds it increasingly difficult as she knows what to say but the words are not coming out. With this she gets so frustrated and starts to cry. I cannot imagine what its like not being able to talk nor voice her own opinion or to tell us how she feels.

I have asked my sister who lives close to the nursing home to try some tongue exercises with her but have also sent some PECS imagery communication cards so she can try to point how she feels.

Today the staff had to drain a lot of mucus from mums chest but gave her some relaxing medication first. She was very agitated and stressed. But eventually she calmed down and has slept most of the day. The staff say she is too weak to cough this mucus up.

I spoke to her a bit later and she was just crying and of course i have been sobbing. I feel helpless. I feel so sad for my mum that this is her life now and how a stroke can massively destroy a persons livelihood and the people within it. I am so heartbroken beyond belief.

I am reaching out just for anyone that cares for someone or who lives miles away like i do from my dearest mom. I cant just pop in the car to visit, its just breaking me. :sleepy:


@Tek50 hi I’m just saying really sorry for your mum and family. It must be heart breaking for you.
I send you strength and hugs kindest wishes Loraine

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@Tek50 I’m so sorry to hear about your mum! Sending you much love X

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@Tek50 sending you hugs :hugs:

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So sorry to hear all that. It is so awful for you and your Mum. Not much I can say really, but like everyone else I am sending you Hugs. Do take care of yourself as well.

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@jane.cobley Thanks so much for your thoughts :pray: :heart:

@Mahoney Thanks for your care and thoughts :pray: :heart:

@Loshy Thanks so much, I really appreciate it so much :heartpulse:

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@Alis Thank you so much for your thoughts :two_hearts:

@Tek50 sending lots of love to you, your mum & your family. It is so tough when you can’t just pop in to see them. I know when my dad was very ill I appreciated every moment I spent with him. Was much harder for my sister who lives 200 miles away. She took some time out of work in the end so she could see him. Is this something you might be able to do?
I hope the therapist, when they arrive, can help lots.
Much love

Ann x

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@Mrs5K , thanks Ann, I am planning to visit in February for just the weekend. I tend to go every month or so but it will have to be in that time as it coincides with me handing in an assignment. I got to speak to her today and she is feeling a bit better. Thanks so much for your thoughts x

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@Tek50 pleased to hear your mum was brighter today. It’s such a difficult time for you all. Hopefully it will get easier in time.
Good luck with your assignment xx