MRI scan

Hello Everyone. Just had a letter from the hospital saying I need an MRI scan. Had my stroke 3 months ago and have been home about 7 weeks. Does anyone know if this is normal procedure please? Something else ot worry about! Thanks


Hi, I had a follow up CT Scan about 3 months post stroke.

Thanks Alis. Its just panic panic panic about everything at the moment!

Hi, I had an MRI scan whilst still in hospital after my stroke (was in hospital for 5 months).

Thanks Susan Jane. 5 months in hospital- that was a very long time x

Lorraine my middle name is panic but thanks for replying

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@Apple an MRI scan following a stroke is normal. I had mine whilst still in hospital but I know others go back for them later. Be reassured that they are being thorough & it will help ensure you’re getting all the right treatment.

Deep breaths youll be fine.

Ann x

Thanks Ann. Spoke to my lovely physio when she came earlier and she explained it all! Not looking forward to it but has to be done


I was dreading my MRI but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I shut my eyes for most of it and they gave me some headphones which played the radio to me. It was still a bit noisy but the distraction helped. If you lie completely still it’s over quicker as they don’t have to retake anything. You should get a button to press too incase you need to take a break from it too.
Hope it all goes well.

@Apple as the others have said a MRI can be the norm as it shows more than a CT scan, I would have liked to have had one but the consultant said he knew I’d had a stroke by my symptom so there was no need for a MRI, even though the CT scan had showed nothing unusual.

Hope all goes well with yours

I had my MRI scan a week after the stroke but I think that may have been because my nurse daughter pressed for it to get done - I think I might have had to wait longer if she hadn’t pressed so hard (and driven me to the city hospital from the rural one where I was and where they don’t have an MRI machine) It wasn’t too difficult an experience and the staff were very nice. In theory it provided a better immage of my brain than the CT scan but I’m not sure that anyone has done anything that they wouldn’t have done with just the CT. I must ask my GP next time I see her whether it was any use to anyone.

Hello @Apple I had a MRI when I was in A&E to establish what was wrong and was diagnosed with an acute ischeamic stroke. As others say it isnt unusual and helps them to see what has been going on. Sending best wishes

Hi. Thanks for the replies. Mahoney I would have thought it was quite obvious I too had had a stroke! FionaB1 - will ask my GP what they find looking at an MRI. Being very new to this I’m finding it all a bit scary

My mri scan was used to find the cause of my stroke as it wasn’t apparent from CT although CT showed i’d had a stroke.

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@Apple I think I was just being fobbed off as I still don’t know if I have any underlying causes for the stroke, I did have a heart monitor on for 24 hours but that revealed nothing. Have the MRI so you gain as much insight as you can.

Take care

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When I had my CT on the day of my stroke it didn’t show up ,10 days later I had the MRI and there it was ,it’s nothing to worry about just a second opinion of sorts .