Mortgage options / concerns

Hi all I am self employed and suffered a stroke 3 weeks ago. I will be unable to return to work for around 6 months while I focus on rest and rehab.

Has anyone experience of approaching their mortgage lender (ours is Coventry building society) about switching to an interest only mortgage until I can return to work?

I am nervous of talking to them in case it raises issues around the mortgage.

Thanks graham

@Gbucktrout Hi Graham I don’t have that experience for you but my son in law has his own company in Cumbria he has taking over the family business about 15 year ago very well established. He advised us when my husband had a bout of illness about 2 years ago. They don’t charge for the call if you wanted an appointment with them I could give you their number. No pressure just trying to be helpful. You can look them up Stan Sherlock associates in Carlisle. I promise I’m not touting for business for them😊

Regards, loraine

That would be great thank you

Hi Graham @Gbucktrout it’s definitely a worry you could do without at the moment, try speaking to Citizens Advice for guidance, here’s a Link, not sure if it’ll help but certainly worth a try, if you’re concerned about not being able to pay, then you should consider contacting the mortgage provider rather than go into arrears with payments as they should be able to offer options.

Best wishes