Why is it so b….y impossible to get moving in the mornings? Or maybe it’s just me!


I hear you loud and clear, most mornings i have a battle with myself to start the day…i guess its mot working so no real routine unless i have an appointment to attend. Plus my wife is working at home so i try and fit around what shes doing…

Itll change one day - im normally first up and doing stuff around the house.

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Is it possible that it is the low point on medication doses ?

I used to be a morning person starting work at 06:30 now I just about manage to clamber out of bed by 9 am. Although if I have an appointment I can usually get up.

Hopefully it’ll get easier for you x

Yeh I struggle in the morning now, used to be get up and go person but feels like I can’t get myself working right till bout lunch time

I know what you’re all saying. Since my stroke 4 1/2 years ago I am very sluggish in the morning. I used to wake up “ready to go”, but now I sort of stumble around half asleep for a few minutes. I tried a cup of coffee, but it doesn’t “perk” me up either. I think maybe my brain is just not ready to wake up. I finally feel more like myself after about an hour . Jeanne

I wonder what how bio rythms and stroke interplay?

I wasn’t a lark before stroke, and things haven’t changed post stroke. My brain seems to want to take time to warm up before embracing the day. I am all the better for it though, if I dawdle in the morning. My cognitive energy peaks at about eleven-thirty just as I am getting into bed :joy:

Its 7am.
Sometimes, sleepless, I’m up at 5am. Dawdle about, make a brew, then back into bed for an hour. Other days it is 9-10am before I’m up.
I’m retired so getting up for a time is unimportant. I think the work thing has a lot to do with how and when we take a rest. I can have a bad night then cat-nap during the day. Of course in a working day that becomes a problem.
I think if you are working or hoping to work you are going to have to get back into the routine. That will be a part of recovery.
I’m a year into stroke recovery and much of that time has been spent at rest. In the last three months I have become far more active and as a result more tired on occasions. I feel that rest is very much a part of the process.
I don’t think stroke recovery is something which will ever come to an end. I know I have still much to accomplish. In the mean time there has to be a balance between ‘getting better’, resting and ordinary day to day activity.
Primarily I think you need to be kind to yourself, don’t expect too much, but persevere nevertheless to reach those apparently impossible goals.

I recently began walking. (still got the hospital socks on)

YOU will progress and succeed!!

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:


Great pic @Bobbi …enjoy the sun on your face and the ground under your feet


Good to see you out and about, I don’t know if it is true but, apparently, one can walk faster in red socks.


Great stuff Bobbi you’re one of the best.
I agree with @Rups red socks do make you go faster. Keep going young man :wink::heart_eyes:


Ahhh that’s where I’m going wrong…i’m.not wearing my red socks :rofl::rofl: my walk this morning was very slow but it was a walk :grin: red socks it is next time :blush::blush:


A walk is a walk Ann - great job!!! Heres the car ive ordered today, picture it in royal blue…

Wont get it till April i think…

Hope youre doing ok x



Car looks great Andy @TRFCANDY53 I can picture it in Royal Blue. Blue is my favourite colour. April isn’t too long away. Happy motoring


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I wonder who Kermit is to my Fozzy Bear!!!



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I think I might leave you to decide that one :grin::grin::grin: i loved fozzy bear when i was a kid :grin:

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Me too - and i grew into him lol…

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My cat forces me out of bed at 7 but I don’t mind too much as I was always a “Lark” not an “Owl”.I realise I miss some good tv programmes by going to bed approximately 12 hours later…Sometimes I get up for a bite of toast and a cuppa at 3 am…But the one thing that is good about post stroke is that one can indulge otherwise odd behaviour!


Bobbi-That’s great that you’re walking!!!