Medication Clopidogrel & Asprin - dangers of Hemorrhagic Stroke😞

Had TIA one month ago - attended emergency and was put on Clopidogrel and Cartia (Asprin low dose)
1 week later had phone consult with Neurologist- said stop taking Clopidogrel because of risks.
Attended and GP insisted to continue to take Clopidogrel.
Want to reduce risk of another TIA but don’t want Hemorrhagic Stroke.
Very confused😥

I was the same, and now no longer take Clopidogrel , I take 75 mgs gastro resistant asprin daily, and have no side effects, my stroke was 2 years ago. Welcome to the forum, it is a great source of help and advice.
Best wishes, Jane.

@DebF welcome to the forum. Sorry ýou had a tia.
I had a stroke rather than TIA so assume treatment plan is different. There are others on here who had TIAs though, & I’m sure will offer advice.
There are always risks with meds & I guess it’s a case of weighing up benefits vs risks. I take clopidogrel as had a clot based stroke.
Perhaps you should discuss your concerns with your GP and they will hopefully explain the risks etc to you.
Best wishes.

Ann xx

Shwmae @DebF, if your TIA was ischaemic (a clot), they will prescribe Clopidogrel (I’m not sure why they have combined it with Aspirin, because both medications do the same thing). Clopidogrel is an anti-platelet medication, this means that your blood is not thinned as such but it reduces the stickiness of the platelets when forming, and reducing the chance of a clot.

Every stroke survivor who is prescribed an anti-platelet medication is at risk of a hemorrhagic stroke. That’s the gamble we take to prevent potential clotting. There might be a reason for your TIA, this would be an important factor on why a neurologist might discourage you from taking anti-platelet medication. It would be beneficial to talk further with the neurologist. The GP, on the other hand, will probably be following standard post ischaemic TIA/Stroke treatment which often involves anti-platelet meds and statins.

I had a haemorrhage stroke six years ago and a small clot stroke two years ago. The scan revealed the bleed area was completely healed. I have been on Clopidogrel for two years.

I was on Clopidogrel and Aspirin (along with statin) following my discharge from hospital last November. I stopped taking aspirin in February this year as instructed by the stroke consultant at the end of Feb '22. I am still on Clopidogrel and Statin.

Sorry to hear that you’ve had a TIA but you will find this group enormously informative and supportive.

After my TIA in February I was put on clopidogrel and atorvastatin. In August I insisted on a proper review of my medication (you are entitled to a review six weeks after your TIA) and am now on edoxaban - a blood thinner - and atorvastatin. It could be a good idea to ask your GP to refer you to a consultant, who would explain where the stroke occurred, where a clot was situated, and the reason for the medication. You might also like to talk to your pharmacist for advice on the drugs - they can prove very helpful.
In the early days, drugs and advice can be very confusing but there are such knowledgeable and helpful people on this forum that you will acquire the information and strategies to clarify your confusion.
Best wishes. Magga