Making you own video group meet for free is easy

Running your own video meet

If you haven’t started a video meeting you might think its scary for lots of reasons… but its easier & safer than making tea. It can be done for free & done one handed & instantly (No falling or scolding risk either)

A Simple way to Start

i’ll start with the simplest “how to” - so i’ll leave out the options
–IF you ever need them more details are in a ‘reply’ with why they might be useful

the simplest way to start a meet with 1 or more people is click the link to go to

Ignore all download app or install extension messages (For now)
– (more facilities but i’m giving you the simplest way to start)

Type any name for the meeting
– for example ChatWithSimon in the box (no spaces and case does’nt matter but is more readable if you capitalise words)
Click “Start Meeting”
–the 1st time you’ll have to say yes to allow microphone & should probably say yes to camera and you are asked to give screen-name which you can ignore or just make-up eg. anon (you can change it later)

Tell everyone else to do the same and included your meetingName and when to join. You’ll all be in the same video call
–If anyone uses a phone or tablet then when it wants to download the app the easiest way is to select “Launch in web” and ignore any other options

you’ll be chatting in minutes

If you pick a really simple meetingName like “meeting” it will probably already be in use & you’ll either join it or be asked for a password so longer names are likely to be unique eg SimonsStrokeGroupChat or similar
if someone uninvited joins your meeting and doesn’t immediately leave then just end the meeting (explaining how to prevent them joining, or just kicking them out is in a ‘reply’ in this topic but this is the simple how-to

Google meets is a tiny bit more complicated (explained in a replybelow)
Zoom is a more complicated again (also explained in a reply with more sophisticated options like integrations for games, translation for multi-lingual or aphasia support & more )
there are many many more programs available. Ill give google and zoom in some ‘replies’ below and maybe over time i’ll explain others - there are useful facilities in many

one other thought - there are a lot of “Video Chat with random people” apps & sites. Ive not explored at all yet but i’ll bet money most are ‘spicy’. Possibly dangerous. But i’ll also bet money that there will be some that are suited to our needs such as folk who are house bound or have other particular interests - any one want to join in an explore?

if you want help im on +44 (0) 7768 215 335 & or a message me here on M_S_G

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