Looking for a hopeful answer

Thankyou so much, your mum’s story has given me hope

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Hi Ian

I’m now 76 and had a stroke at 72, and I aim to live a heck of a lot longer! I do dance exercise classes, attend choir (I had slurred speech after my Stroke) and eat as much of a plant based diet as possible.

I don’t know if that helps, but I thought I’d offer it up to you!


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Hi Susie, you’ve definetly helped me. Thankyou

Hi, I had two brain haemorrhage s in 1996 age 42 years old. It was touch and go at the beginning. Now all these years on, I still have walking problems, but I am still here.
It will take a while but I hope you will begin to see small changes in the things that your mum will be able to do. Please keep in touch, wishing your mum well, and you too Ian.

Thankyou for sharing your story, i am really grateful for the hope it gives me

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I am 75 and I had a stoke a month and a half ago. I have been doing PT an OT exercises faithfully and am sometimes anxious and irritable. I knew little or nothing about strokes and didn’t recognize the TIAs I had before my stroke. Several of the books recommended on this site have been very helpful to me. My stroke terrified me. Please keep that in mind for your Mom. Hope she makes healthy progress.


Thankyou, you have given me good advice & it really helps.