Live-in care experiences

Hi, my Mum suffered a stroke last year and is currently in a nursing home which isn’t the right fit for her. We are considering whether to move her to another nursing home or to bring her home and have a live-in carer. As this is a new experience for us and we are learning every day I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of living with their relative and live-in carer? Is it good option? How does it feel for you? Any thoughts, advice gratefully received :blush:

@CarrieL hi sorry your mum had a stroke. Welcome to our forum. I’m no help but I hope someone on our forum can give you some advice. Good luck and best wishes Loraine :blush:

Hi @CarrieL unfortunately I can’t offer advice as I have no experience of live in carers, but I’d imagine a lot will come down to how good the carer is, it’s the same with care homes, some are fantastic surroundings and have great facilities but if the staff are lacking in compassion or don’t care about the residents, the experience and care given to the individuals overall is poor.

My dad was in a great care home with fantastic caring staff, so there are some out there.

I hope you find the best way forward for your mum.

Best wishes

@Loshy - Many thanks for the reply and best wishes.

@Mahoney - Thanks for your reply. I agree it is all about the actual carer. I think the standard of care homes varies massively and finding the right place is a definite challenge. I’m glad you managed to find a good place for your Dad - they appear to be like gold dust!

You are right - everything depends on the carer, both as carers and, in my case, as house sharers.
My husband had a mega stroke in Nov 2020 and was in hospital until June 2021 when he was discharged paralysed down right side so immobile, incontinent and aphasic.
We have carers provided (and supported) by a care company - they work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with 2 hours per day as a break. For this to be feasible a big enough house is required for carer to have own room etc too.
For me it is the best possible solution to a nightmare problem that neither of us planned on. It is not a cheap solution but we would have to pay for a care home anyway and I was surprised that Scotland’s free personal care makes significant contribution. It means we can live almost a `normal’ life together - friends coming for coffee, going out walking, visiting museums.

Hi @CarefulScot welcome, though sorry to hear about your husband having a stroke.

It’s good to know you’ve got good carers for your husband and found a solution that works for you both :grinning:

Best wishes

@CarefulScot - Thanks for the reply. So glad you were able to bring your husband home and have managed to find good live-in carers. Cost is definitely a major factor in making a decision which is upsetting as I want to make decisions on what is the best care option for my Mum. Lots to think about…