Life doesn’t just give you lemons… it gives you shingles

For the last couple of days I’ve had a tender patch of skin and lower back ache and I just thought I’d tweaked a muscle or slept in an awkward position.

Yesterday the pain was quite acute and I couldn’t sleep because of it. A rash developed overnight and I managed to get a GP telephone appointment this morning, had to send a photo of the rash and she confirmed it’s shingles. Strange concept being diagnosed with a photo.

I’m now waiting for antiviral and nerve pain medication from the pharmacy, hopefully that will ease the pain.

Wow, I never appreciated how painful shingles is or maybe I’m a little pain sensitive these days as every little knock I receive now seems more seems more painful than pre stroke.

I also have to tell work I’m on the sick again, guess I’m becoming their problem child :rofl::joy:

Hi , shingles, twice on my face. Told if , run down, would correspond with me . Bit of advice that worked for me , Told to take medication ASAP. Second time, Told no need to see gp , straight to pharmacy. Cleared up much quicker, no fun ! Do find after stroke, any thing on top , is heightened & anxiety. Good speaking David.

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Thanks for the tip David, should it happen in the future I’ll be straight to the pharmacy though hopefully it’ll be a one time thing :crossed_fingers:

Best wishes

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Oh sorry you have shingles hope it clears up quickly with least pain. Funny enough I was at doctors last week with a red patch on my face cheek. They give me antibiotics and antibiotics cream fur 7 days and called it cellulitis. It hasn’t gone and I’ve finished my medication. What was yours like @David3 please? Sorry to hijack @Mahoney . I do hope your shingles goes quickly best wishes Loraine :blush:

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Hi Loshy, not good at explaining! But surprisingly painful, also quite near my eye, which it could effect. Pre covid, so was greatfull , was checked by gp . Hope things improve for you. David.

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Thanks :blush: David it’s not angry anymore just red

Thanks Lorraine and hijack away.

Cellulitis, that can be painful too, though hope yours isn’t and it goes away quickly :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @Mahoney - I had shingles last September and was also diagnosed by a photograph and telephone consultation. Like you, it started with a pain that I put down to having tweaked something at the gym.

The antiviral meds should reduce the time you feel unwell but ideally they should be taken at the start of the illness. Trouble is that most people with shingles don’t realise what it is until the rash appears.

Definitely take the pain relief. My GP was urging me to have a prescription for co-codamol and I refused, saying I’d manage with paracetamol. In the end I had to take co-codamol for a couple of days as the pain was so intense I couldn’t sleep.

I missed the gym for two weeks but after that I managed my normal routine, although I would say it was three months before I was completely back to normal. Pre-stroke that would have been a problem but as we all know, the lengthy rehab needed post-stroke means we’ve developed more patience!

I hope you feel better soon and please don’t worry about work. Illnesses happen and work life trundles on with or without us.

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I’ve never had shingles but I believe it is really painful. Really hope it clears quickly for you.
I did chuckle at your problem child comment. Got a feeling that might be me when I return to work as now being investigated for blood issues on top of stroke. :rofl:
Get well soon xxxx

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Thanks for the encouragement @JSCAPM much appreciated, the pain meds I’ve been given are amitriptyline, originally developed for depression (apparently) but didn’t work well for that but it was discovered low dosage is good for reducing nerve pain, that’s what the doc told me. I haven’t taken one as yet as they’re supposed to be taken at night as they make you drowsy, so still struggling on with paracetamol, it barely takes the edge off. I’ll be taking one earlier than bedtime :grinning:

I know what you mean about work and life trundling on, but I’ve not been back long, hope they don’t think I’m pulling a fast one :joy:

Thanks for sharing your experience of shingles, best wishes

Thanks Ann, I too hope I get over the worst of it quickly, the pain is quite intense and I’ve got the rash issues yet to come :rofl: it’s still just in the early stages, some of the pics I’ve looked at are not nice.

Hope your blood issue isn’t too serious.

When I told my boss I wasn’t coming in she seemed to take it in good spirits, my team on the other hand, I could almost feel their ‘eyes rolling’ over the phone.

Best wishes

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@Mahoney hi I take amertriptyline at 7 pm every night it’s fir my nerve pain it works but I’m fast asleep by 10. Good luck hope it eases loraine

Oh no, hope it resolves itself quickly. I’ve never had it but I’ve double doses of Pityriasis rosea and Norovirus since stroke so I’ll be soon making lemonade if these brings carry on.

Good to know it works Lorraine, I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

That said I’m supposed to take the antivirals 5 times a day, spaced over 24 hours, not sure how I’ll fit that in and sleep :rofl:

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Thanks Rups, hope you’ve seen the last of your ailments too, so no more lemonade for you :crossed_fingers:

First, and hopefully only, time for shingles for me, it’s not nice :frowning:

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Hi Mahoney , Amitriplin , took for about 2 months, for shoulder pain & mild depression. Had to stop it , absolutely wiped me out . Even more than normal! :grin: . David.

Hi David I take 20 mgs every night for the nerve pain and garpbentin it works for me. :joy::blush:


I’ll give it a go, hopefully it’ll work for the pain, but the doc did warn me about the drowsiness


Hi Mahoney- Sorry about your shingles. Are you going to get the shingrix vaccine (2 doses 2 months apart). ? I have had the vaccine. I understand it is supposed to provide strong protection from shingles. Also, getting shingles does not protect you from getting it again. Sorry to say. :heart:Jeanne

@Mahoney how are you feeling today? Hope you managed some sleep & feel a little better :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: