A reference to @Mahoney’s shingle post. Since stroke I have had two cases of Pityriasis rosea, two does of Norovirus … and now I have contracted Covid. The fatigue, the aching limbs, the chills, the sweats, the headaches, the coughing and vomiting. What a week to look forward to. Impossible to sleep, although that’s all I feel like doing. Am self-isolating at the moment.


Oh dear Rups, my thoughts are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get some rest and sleep.

Best wishes

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Get well soon. I’ve just had it, but not as bad as yours sounds. Mine was more nausea, loss of appetite and clamminess. I slept quite well. Mine lasted four days.

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Oh no @Rups really hope you feel better soon. Plenty of rest, fluids & pain relief.
Take care xx

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I’m not sleeping well at all. My brain is awake but my body is exhausted.

I really hope mine lasts for four days. I am not enjoying to say the least. At first I thought it was Norovirus again but the test proved me wrong.

I’m taking paracetamol, it seems to be okay but need to watch my dosage because my memory is a bit scrambled.

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Look after yourself & really hope it does one very soon xx

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Rups, I find any minor ailments, almost intensifies now .I know you. Get to bed EARLY. Best David. :grin: .

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Sorry to hear that @Rups, hope it clears quickly.

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Take care Rups. Rotten for you. I have escaped it so far, living in hope that I wont get it!!! lets hope it clears quickly.
Best wishes,

Jane, I escaped it for two years. I don’t go anywhere much. Just my luck someone visiting brought it to me, and I was the only one who got it out of eight people this person was mingling with. I hope you don’t have to experience it, or at least if you do have a mild dose. Mine has started to ease off a bit, but its borderline at the moment. I really do hope I am clear by tomorrow. For me it has been like a prolonged Norovirus.

Sounds vile - Get better soon

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Aye, absolutely vile, and what has added insult to injury is the self-isolating. I’ve been stuck in a room for three days while I can hear everyone outside laughing and chatting, enjoying the balmy weather. :angry: :smiley:

For me, past ailments were almost pleasant distractions from stroke symptoms the only downside was having recovered, I had to go back to managing stroke symptoms. So, no relief either way. I have been hitting the hay early, in fact, I haven’t really left my bed in three days. :woozy_face:

So sorry you’re sick, Rups. :slightly_frowning_face: We went to church last Sunday, but there was no priest. He was sick with covid. Seems like so many have got it of late. Thought with all the vaccinations we could forget about it. Guess not. Hope you feel better real soon. :heart: Jeanne

Jeanne, one fellow stroke survivor I meet with online via Zoom, said to me that it is not a case of if but when with Covid. I was fully vaccinated with booster. My symptoms have been similar to a long strain of Norovirus, so hopefully that’s it then, however, the potential long-term effects do give me pause for thought. I don’t do flus at the best of times, so do not want prolonged complications on top of stroke symptoms. Hope you are doing okay.

@Rups oh nooo! I hope it eases soon. It’s just not fair sometimes. We do everything to protect ourselves and stay away from people hope you feel better very soon :blush:

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Morning @Rups. That is rubbish luck. Hope you get some rest. Only thing I can offer is that this will pass. Take care of yourself, Julia x

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@Rups how are you feeling today? Hope you are starting to feel better & can soon escape isolation. Take care xx