Just because - no reason

Just watched harry and the Hendersons, twice. Such a good feeling film.

Scrooged next !!

I am not in a good place at the mo. cry at the drop of a hat but Bob is here - Meow :black_cat: :black_cat: :black_cat:


Sounds like you’re having a proper movie fest. I shall have to look out for Harry & the Hendersons as never seen it. Enjoy scrooged.

Sorry you’re feeling emotional at the minute. It’s normal post stroke. If i’m feeling like that I just let the tears flow. Bet Bob is great company…when he’s not sleeping. :grin:


Take care xxx

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Sorry to hear you’re not in a good place right now and just wanted to send you some hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:.

I’m settling down with some ice cream and last nights Coronation Street!

You will feel better soon, I’m sure xx

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@a.clare71 sending big hugs :hugs:

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Hi @a.clare71 let the tears flow … I’m sorry you’re feeling low, sending big hugs to you​:slightly_smiling_face::hugs::hugs: keep warm, and take care of yourself and Bob, of course! How lovely you’ve got a feline companion, meeeow indeed! :black_cat::heart:X :sparkles:Anne :sparkles: ps The Stroke Association Helpline and this Forum have been fantastic listeners when I’ve just had to let out my emotion, even though my sinuses block up when I cry and no one can actually hear what I’m saying lol :relaxed:

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Hello Clare

I’m sorry to read you find yourself not in a good place but it is equally encouraging that you both recognise where you are and have said so on here and out loud.
Knowing where we are, even if it’s not a good place is much better than not knowing where we are, even when it is a good place. We can move when we know where we are and which way we are facing, it’s much harder to do so if we’re lost too.

I wanted to share this with you, it’s old hippy mumbo jumbo, or philosophy written in the 60’s I think by Gahil Kibran, it’s from the prophet the story of a prophet leaving his home tow to go on an adventure, and the questions he gets asked as he walks through his town to the harbour and his boat away.
On sorrow and Joy, the premise is, that they both occupy the same cavern inside of us, that when that vessel is full to the brim, we are filled with joy, a swirling liquid that soothes our soul, makes us smile and carves the cavern in which it is held even deeper. when joy flows from us, the same cavern empties and becomes a void hollow where our joy once was, the two cannot exist at the same time, and ebb and flow back and forth as we journey through life.
Which ever we have, the other is waiting in some way to replace.

I know it’s hard to sit with our sorrow, and I know it’s even harder still to hear someone say “it’s going to get better” “it will change”, so I won’t say it…instead I’ll hope that you read Gibrans passage, and that when you rest and then wake, you’ll hear some of the things written here and above.

Hello to Bob, obviously short for Kate…



Thank you. Let me know what you think of the film

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@a.clare71 ho Clare I hope you’ve brightened up a little.

I’ve just watched my 5 year olds nativity and he was like a gangster Shepard the way he was wearing his table cloth head dress :joy::joy::santa:

I’ve watched Harry and the Henderson’s and loved it also Scrooged.

Have you watched Sh&ts creek? It is funny and Dead to me too is another funny :smile:


Thank you for this. I’ve always thought life is a set of scales with everything - emotion, luck, etc., and the scales tilt one way and the next. It is hard to keep them balanced. Generally they never do and we need to accept that

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Glad you enjoyed it. Never heard of Sh&ts creek.

Think it might be The Christmas Choir tonight. Based on true events


I had to blot the I out as it’s a poo swear word and you’re not allowed it on here.

It’s on Netflix 20 to 25 mins episodes. I watched it after my stroke as I couldn’t concentrate but the short episodes were perfect x

Aww you’re very welcome Clare, it’s a wonderful book and one I’ve returned to often, it helped me to understand (when I was ready to) that my children were never really mine.
So when my family broke up and then they grew up, I’d not lost anything, because I never had anything and that in fact, my work, for the most part, was done…
… now I love just watching them fly.