Jump , surprised ! 😟

Is it just me . If someone, behind me says hello, or a noise. LITERALLY JUMP out of my skin. Takes my breath away.
Bit of a rant now . Trying to sell various, can no longer use. So used ebay successfully before. Why does everyone just mess you about now ? Also firms etc, not answering or incorrectly , not reading emails. Can’t talk on telephone, so my only way . END of rant ! :smile: . David.

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@David3 I’m with you on the jumping front. My hearing is more sensitive so often jump when I hear a noise.
I find contacting organisations more difficult too. I think that’s because I can’t deal with things like I used to rather than them all being awkward. Although some of them are difficult to deal with :grimacing::grimacing:

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@David3 if I’m in a world of own I do get a shock, I try and avoid noise! Feel free to rant as much as you want to we all do it now and again! I cannot have confrontation anymore I just switch off. Good luck selling stuff I use gumtree I’ve been quite successful too. Good luck Loraine

I am with you there David. I am so sensitive to noises now, never used to be.
Also quite agree with you about about companies not reading emails or getting things wrong!!! Experienced lately (better not name the company) but wrong order sent twice…hair shampoos instead of incontinence pads…complained again, via email, and they sent me a free box of hair shampoos!!! That’s three lots of hair shampoo now, and stuff that I don’t use!!!It really does “beggar belief” So you rant away, I am with you all the way.
Best wishes, Jane.


Hi David, Rant away, it’s good to let off in a safe environment. Like you I really jump when when approached from behind , or from the left, (my left eye has very little sight). Moira

Hi @David3 I do the jumping thing, I don’t hear noises from their proper direction (if that makes sense) I also have left vision field loss , the amount of times I have literally screamed when someone has surprised me :laughing:


Hi Lorraine, No confrontation good, particularly for me No negative, my daughter used gumtree, as well. Might try. Good speaking David.

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Hi Jane, noise, same for me . Coffee shop, must sit outside. In quiet. David.

I have terrible trouble with noise & can’t cope with noisy places. It brings on my fatigue too. I have an appointment with ENT in a couple of weeks & I’m really hoping they can help me.

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