Its been a while

Hi everyone ive not been on for a while had probs with my mental health…i have made good progress with my effected hand and arm ,i can now make a fist and have some movement in my arm still struggle with spasms in my arm and hannd tho…i was reeding some my old posts from when i first had my stroke in march…goes to show that hard work does help


@Alfiep good to hear you’ve made progress with your arm, though sorry you’ve had trouble with your mental health, stroke takes its toll in more ways than we initially think.

Reach out to us if you need to chat, there’s always some of us about to respond.

Take care, speak soon :smile:

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@Alfiep good to hear you’re making progress. Hope your mental health is improving. It’s hard to accept whats happened sometimes.

Keep going you’ll continue to make progress i am sure.

Best wishes


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Hi, glad to hear your mental health has improved and that you are making good progress with your hand and arm.

Could I ask what you are doing to help with your hand and arm. I have left sided paralysis and I’m always keen to hear how others are making progress and how they are doing that to help.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to receiving an update on your continued improvements. Well done and best wishes for your continued success.
Regards Sue

Shwmae @Alfiep, great to hear you have reached some milestones despite wrestling with some mental health hurdles. It’s a tough old tackle on the brain and it all takes time and kindness to ourselves.

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