how did you get on at doc :ok_hand:t3: :biking_woman:t3: :family_man_man_boy_boy: :woman_playing_handball:t3: :men_wrestling:

@tricia3 thank you for asking. It didn’t go as well as hoped. I was hoping they would be able to provide functional electrical stimulation to enable me to lift my foot and walk better. All it did was turn my foot inwards 90⁰. I have to see someone else at end of September to see if they can find an orthotic support that will help.
Hope you are doing ok & looking forward to seeing your son on Thursday xx

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@Mrs5K so sorry for not asking I’ve been wrapped up in my hand op! Hopefully September will give you more help and advice. Best wishes Loraine x

Hi Loraine, you don’t need to apologise. You’ve got enough to worry about. I’m really hoping Sept will be more positive. Just a shame I have to wait so long. 6 more weeks of not being able to walk far, not being able to lift my leg and dragging my foot seems forever right now. They did say recovery is a marathon not a sprint though :grin: xxx

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its hammering down now looks like the mioddler of the night

@Mrs5K frustrating for you I know! Is there any physio your having? 6 weeks will go quickly. It’s just because your at the beginning. We are 3 weeks into kids school holidays already. And dare I say it!!!
4 months to Christmas :santa: :santa::santa::santa::heart_eyes: xx

Hi Tricia it was here in Cumbria last night pretty much flooded but it’s settled again and dried up. The sun is peaking out too. :sunglasses:

Oh no. We haven’t had much rain. Maybe you could send us a little bit (not too much though :grin:)

:scream::scream::scream::scream: Christmas :christmas_tree: :rofl:
I am still having physio but it’s not helping my leg a lot. Going to try upping the exercises I do at home again & hope that helps.
I need to be able to walk to do my Christmas shopping :rofl::rofl::rofl: