Is there anyone out there?

I’ve noticed, around me, there are people who say, “You look well”, and there are people who ask, “How are you feeling today?” - I prefer the latter.

I agree with Jane’s profile, it is very appropriate. I also like Rups’ comment. What do others say in response to the comment “ you look well “. I would be interested to know. Lilian

I tried to reply to your message Rups and couldnt Its nice to see you again I have been trying for weeks to get round this new site and am striggling with it. Norma.

Hello @Norma_Jean_K, we’ll all get the hang of it in time, and they’ll make the appropriate changes when they see what works and what doesn’t. Hope you are okay, and good to hear from you.

I havent learnt how to put a new message on. With the heading. Tjanks for replying nice to hear from you. Norma

This is one of the most user-unfriendly sites I’ve ever come across. Disappointing, dispiriting.
David (6 weeks after stroke)

So agree with you!!!

Hi David @David4848 welcome to the forum, hopefully your rehabilitation is going well.

Check out the My Stroke Guide user webinar series, it may assist with navigation around the forum.

YouTube channel.

My Stroke Guide Forum: webinar series

Check it out Jane @jane.cobley , it may be helpful

:joy: Nothing wrong with a bit of self pity Now and again, I had my stroke on Valentines Day 2019. People say to me you look so well and done brilliant and sometimes on those self pity days I want to scream you have no idea how I’m feeling but to be fair I do feel lucky to have improved so much things could have been so much worse. Keep smiling :+1:

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Thanks Natalie
Have a healthy Christmas xx

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Oh I like that Jane x

I myself always greet people with a positive comment about their hair, their clothes, a piece of jewellery etc. That way if they’re feeling bad I cheer them up. ( hopefully)


I just saw your “hello” David, because this website contacted me via email since it had been so long since I’ve visited the site. I have stopped visiting the website, since I can’t figure out how to navigate it or how to find anyone. The old site would show you if someone answered you. This one is so unuser friendly. To the Powers That Be, Please! Please! Bring back the old one! Hope everyone one I used to write to is doing well. I don’t know how to find you. Love, Jeanne

Hello Jeanne good to hear from you! Can anyone explain to me how to log out of this forum?? I can’t see any log off button. I’d like to know I can log out (and then log back in!) to this site but try as I might, I can’t do this. I feel like I’m in Hotel California…you can check in but never leave!!

Hi Patricia7, I’ve written up a short how-to article on how to logout of the forum. I hope it helps!

Just click below to view it in detail:

Hi Patricia @Patricia7, like the reference, it’s one of my hubby’s favourite songs (and band). Must admit I couldn’t figure it out the first time I logged on to the new forum, I’m pleased Ashley @AshleyTH has sent you the link, hope you’ve succeeded in figuring it out :+1:

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Hi Norma this new site is a pain negotiating it like a maze it’s harder to chat I’ve got an ipad might see if the stroke forum is easier to use would be a good idea if the stroke association would give us lessons LOL!

I am gradually sorting it out why it had to be changed I dont know. All the best Gillian Im sure you can do it. Norma.

Hi Ashley
Thanks for your reply and the help you’ve provided in guiding me through the logout and also being able to log back in! I can work it :+1:

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So glad to hear it Patricia! :grinning: