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It would be so nice to have an instant chat within the forum. To be able to see if someone is online and ‘talk’ albeit via typing can be so supportive at times. Is this possible, rather than leaving ‘messages’ and waiting until someone replies.
I have found these forums OK, but tough to navigate and over the years have used several platforms for different reasons, but find it ‘clunky’ having to move around a lot. Sometimes some of us, who are stuck at home a lot, just want a natter


Hi, I like you would love to be able to chat online, rather than go through all this waiting for a reply etc. I do find this site difficult to navigate and tend to loose things all the time. I am home all day and sometimes it would be nice just to sit here and chat on line. Thanks for your input in this, lets hope it might happen!!!
Best wishes, Jane.


Agree with you both @Crazicatapila and @jane.cobley , instant chat would be good.

An indication of who’s online/logged in would be helpful too.

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Hi Crazicatapilla, great name! I find this this site very clumsy to navigate, I put up messages & hope for the best!
I to would like to be able to talk to someone, via typing. Someone who knows what I am talking about without having to relive the whole situation, which is over a year now & so much has happened. Talking to family & friends is great, but as like all things, you don’t understand unless you have personal experience.

I look forward to talking to you…



Hi Lorraine @Roland, welcome to the community, hopefully you’ll find support and a caring space to chat here as members are friendly and open.

The site does get easier to use with time (hopefully).

Best wishes

Hi there same here I just look around and see if I can find where I was chats would be nice

Hi . I am stuck at home and would love to chat. I agree with you comments made about someone to talk. to. Best wishes Lilian

Hi I’m a newbie stroke survivor of 10months it has taken me a long time to be able to do this emotionally so I would just like to say hi and that I don’t feel so isolated now

Hi @sharonjd69, there’s a friendly bunch of people on this site, all with an understanding of how stroke has affected us SS or a loved one.

It’s great that we can share our experience and take strength and support from each other.

Wishing you all the best, take care

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Hi folks, I started this thread a while ago and so much has happened. Been fighting the Black Dog…it got really bad. (Am OK now thanks).
My husband has been ill for the last 3 months with an auto immune thing that has meant he can’t leave the house. It flares up from time to time. So things have been tough.
But some positives too. I started going to the gym twice a week to build up the strength in my legs. Am now also working on the upper body a bit too as I felt it was being neglected. Its only twice a week and that is just enough.

I fancied doing a bit of swimming…you know when you picture it in your head? You have this image of how you used to swim. I had a complete meltdown as I couldn’t even get my legs up to float!
Anyway, I have joined a group with a lovely teacher and on week 3 she got me floating with a noodle!
Week 4 and she added a backboard strapped on to me…and I started off with my 'seated swimming position and my body lunged forward to do breast stroke of about 10 yards!!!

I am so happy to be in the water. The group I go to has a variety of learners so I don’t feel embarrassed. gentle steps into the pool, and someone to check that I am OK and don’t fall.