Hi, 6 weeks post stroke and around week 4 i was started on Sertraline due to developing a panic disorder and ever since im struggling to sleep. Went 3 days without any and now getting 2-3 hours every now and again. I cant nap during the day either as i cant shut off but im absolutely knackered. Im on Artorvastatin and Clopidogrel… does anyone know anything i can take to try help me sleep please? The doctors wont give me anything and told me to continue with my meds and it will get better in time. I thought rest is key ect ect yet i cant rest because i cant sleep and ive 2 young children to look after. Feel like giving up. I was struggling with fatigue before starting on anti depressants and obviously now made it worse. … anyone help in any way it would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance


@Andybun89 welcome to our forum sorry you had a stroke and are struggling to sleep.
I have nerve pain so take amertriptyline at night about 7pm this is from the doctor though.

A lot of people use CBD oil and lavender.
Hopefully someone will reply and help more. Keep going, happy 2023 May you recover quickly. Kind regards Loraine

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@Andybun89 welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke.

If the sleep issue started when you started on sertraline it may be that causing it. I know a lot of people suffer with lack of sleep post stroke & a few have been given antidepressants to help. I think sertraline is that sort of med?

I wonder if its the panic disorder thats stopping you sleeping & therefore it msy be worth trying meditation or relaxtation techniques. Lavender helps some people. A set night-time routine is a good idea too.

In the past I have tried herbal sleeping tablets. I got hhem from asda & only took them forca short time. It was just enough to get my sleep back into a routine.

Hope you get it sorted quickly. Lack of sleep is awful.

Best wishes

Ann xx

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Hi, welcome to this forum. Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping.

I also take 10mg Amitriptyline at night which was prescribed when I was in hospital after my stroke.

I have no experience of taking CBD oil but I spoken to lots of people who swear by it for pain relief and to help you get a good night sleep.
I’m 6 years post stroke and my sleep pattern has always been a bit erratic. Some nights I sleep really well and others I go straight off to sleep but wake up a few hours later thinking that it’s time to get up. It’s so frustrating lying awake for hours. Luckily I don’t suffer from post stroke fatigue and manage to get through the day without too much triuble.

Maybe it’s time to speak to your gp. Good luck
Regards Sue


Hi @Andybun89 :wave: welcome to our forum sorry you had a stroke and are struggling to sleep.
I also take amitriptyline every night before I go to bed. Have you been to your GP? I do meditation and yoga to which is helping a lot too. Hope this is helpful but we’d love to know how we get on :heart:
Leanne x


I too have had a fairly erratic sleep pattern since the stroke - it seems to be jst one of those weird side effects. I initially thought that trying to “power through” fatigue during the day might help me to sleep at night but I have found that it makes no difference at all to my sleep, it just makes me feel ill in the day so I have given that idea up. I have found that my sleep is gradually getting a bit better although my fit-bit definitely lies and tells me that I am asleep when I am not. Could anyone help with the children during the day? Trying to care for them must be so exhausting?

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The stroke i had apparently causes insomnia and so does the new medication im on so its a loose loose situation lol :frowning: they go back to school tomorrow so hopefully that will help abit… ive tried napping during the day with them but tend to just lay there watching them sleep… doctors wont give me anything :frowning: x

Thank you for the reply =) ive been to the gp qnd they wont give me anything as of yet… theyve told me to let my medication habe time to work. Ive tried listening to allsorts to try get me to sleep but no joy… as for meditation and yoga thats 1 thing ive never done lol … maybe i should try it haha =) xx

Shwmae @Andybun89, I have dealt with panic attacks for most of my adult life. I was able to manage them without medication but when too intense, I used to take half a Lorazepam to get me through tight squeezes. However, after stroke, I began having anxiety and, ergo, panic attacks more frequently than I was used to. My GP put me on Sertaline, it didn’t sit well with me at all. After some research I came across Citalopram, and suggested to my GP that I try it instead. It is a SRRI but it is specifically used also for panic disorder. For me, it was a rough six weeks, allowing the medication to settle down and start working. It has not caused me any insomnia as am sleeping quite well now, but it took a year to get to that state. I had terrible insomnia for some time after stroke, but that was stroke related.

I used natural remedies to help me get drowsy, such as lavender and camomile spray on my pillow, ambient music to drift to, and an eye mask to mimic sensory deprivation. I still use all these remedies, as it helps to have a shut-down routine before bed.


@Andybun89 Hello, like you I am new here having had my stroke on 15 December. Initially I slept soundly when I came out of hospital, often falling asleep in the day. During the last week, my sleep has become erratic, Im thinking it is stroke related. I know that anti depressants can initially interfere with your sleep but it does settle down.
Looking after children is tiring at the best of times so it must be hard post stroke. My children are all adults now, but I have two grandchildren and two dogs, and that is enough post stroke! As others say, lavender, eye masks, calming music all help. I have started short meditation sessions, there are free apps. Be kind to yourself, recovery takes time. There is a wealth of knowledge and kindness on here. Wishing you all the best and hoping your sleep pattern improves soon x


Try a couple of drops of lavender oil. Either lay down or relax in a chair for a few minutes before bed time. Do some deep breathing with your eyes closed. Let all your muscles relax and picture yourself in your favourate place.
Do this every night for a week. See how you feel. If things are improving carry on or try guided meditation. There are loads on you tube. Good luck.
If you don’t like lavender any flowery essentional oil that you like will help.


@Lincs welcome, thanks for the tips, I’m not a fan of lavender myself but I do like guided meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises