Inflatable baths

My husband was in hospital for 4 months and is now home. We are living downstairs with no bathing facilites. He has not had a shower or bath in all that time and i know he would love one. Getting a wash with a flannel every day is not the same. I have been looking at the inflatable bath tubs on the internet and was wondering if anyone had tried them. I was thinking i coukd hoist him into it with a small amount of water and try and connect a shower to my kitchen tap and shower him in it. Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any suggestions? X

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Hi speak with your GP, I got an electric bath lift to help me. it was supplied by MediQuip helped massively. It is only a shallow bath, but that’s better than a flannel.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Ì have been trying to have a look at them on the internet but can only see the ones that fit on existing baths. Our bathroom is upstairs and i have no way of getting my husband up the stairs. He doesnt have any sitting balance either so looking at the ones i have seen they wouldnt be suitable. If i do manage to get him in a bath he would have to stay supported in the hoist throughout. I am probably trying to do the impossible x

@CB115 I have no experience of inflatable baths, sorry.

Whilst it sounds a good idea, getting him in/out may be a little difficult without an aid of some sort, have a word with his care provider (if he has one) to see if they can suggest anything.

Apologies that I can’t help with a suggestion

Just an idea but if you have a sports centre near you could use their shower and they often have a seat in the cubicle. This is what I did for several weeks until I could manage stairs.

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@CB115 pleased that you have your husband home with you. I don’t know if you are able with carers help to get him out of the house. In some areas local hospices allow people with disabilities to use their facilities. Might be worth talking to your GP or your local hospice direct. Hope you get something sorted. Marie

I have found a private care home that will allow my husband to go to use the facilities and am extremely pleased to say that finally after 7 months he has had a shower. I packed lovely shower gel, shampoo and talc powder and he came back looking and smelling gorgeous. They even trimmed his hair and beard and i am sure he must feel amazing. I can take him every 2 weeks. They were lovely staff and lovely to him. I cant thank them enough x


@CB115 thats lovely news for you both. Glad you have a preened nice smelling hubby back. Best wishes Loraine

@CB115 that’s fantastic, he’ll feel a little more like himself, sometimes the little things can make a huge difference