Infected hand from carpal tunnel op

Evening everyone, I’m sat in A&E with an infected hand from the operation 3 weeks ago!

It’s the hideous hospital which misdiagnosed my stroke. I’m sure I’m having a panic attack with palpitations in my chest just sitting waiting here.

Life is unfair! Feeling sorry for myself and very tearful :cry:


So sorry to hear this @Loshy do you have someone with you?

We are here :pray:

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Oh no Lorraine I’m sorry to hear this, hopefully antibiotics will sort your hand out quickly.

Try to stay calm, don’t let the panic take over, you’ve got this, you’re a strong woman.

Sending you big hugs and positive thoughts, you’ll be back home in no time :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Lorraine - So sorry to hear about your hand, :slightly_frowning_face: We always feel “sorry for ourselves” when something goes wrong with our bodies. You’re entitled!! I’m sure the doctor will give you some good antibiotics, and it will clear up soon. Sending positive, healing thoughts your way, and I’ll be sure to remember you in my prayers tonight. :heart: Jeanne image

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@Mahoney @DDMH @axnr911 sorry for being such a baby about my hand.

Hubby was waiting in car outside he doesn’t like our hospital either @DDMH .

I have to go back this morning at 9 as they wanted to keep me in and I refused. The hospital brings back so many bad memories 17 months ago.

My BP was up and I told them it’s the hospital and I’ll be fine once home, guess what it was. It stresses me out I don’t know if it’s the thought of staying over night or seeing the awful incompetent doctor again .

Thank you all for your kind words. I think I shouldn’t have posted about my hand as it’s not as important as strokes we’ve all suffered. So sorry for being a wuss! :flushed::wink:

@Loshy , So sorry to hear this Loraine, I only just saw your post. I hope everything goes well today and you don’t get caught too long in the nasty hospital.
I’m sure things will start to clear up quickly once the antibiotics kick in.
Keep us all updated how you get on. Well all be thinking of you.
Sending best wishes and good luck for today

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Dear Loraine. So sorry for you. Life is not fair at times. It will pass and the better times return. Love Lilian xx

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Hi Losy so sorry to hear your find yourself again in Hospital
Time is a healer & reading your posts/replies I was telling my friends how positive/strong a person you are & this glitch will with your wonderful outlook pass
Thinking as always good thoughts about you
Get well <<


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Oh no, hope it is dealt with adequately, and you have no more complications.

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@Loshy Hi Loraine, sorry I have only just seen your post. Sorry you’re suffering with your hand. I can imagine that hospital is the last place you want to be but you need the infection sorting. Hopefully the right antibiotics will sort the infection quickly for you.

Try not to stress so your BP stays low & they won’t want you to stay in then. Lots of deep breaths.

Hoping you get on OK this morning. No need to apologise about posting about your hand either. We’re here for you whatever the issue.

Sending massive big hugs & get well soon wishes.

Look after yourself.


Ann xxxx

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Hi @Loshy. I hope things improve quickly for you. So sorry to hear this news. It is the last thing you need. I think our ability to manage “extras” on top of stroke symptoms is lower than we think it should be. You are not a wuss! If it helps I have had a panic attack in the car park of the RVI on a return visit and have failed so far to get through a single review appointment without tears so you are not alone. Sending you healing wishes, Julia x😘

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Greetings Loshy, wat a thoughtful bloke Jordan is with his red roses.I’d send you a Zebra to chear you up. Can only imagine how you feel . I’ve always hated hospitals since I was knee-high to grasshopper when I was in an isolation ward for a few months.Hope your soon out and back to your old self, bright eyed and bushy tailed. paulx

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Loshy, So sorry, I think possibly stroke takes 80 % of struggle, anything on top , pushes you to the edge. Few months ago, visit to dentist needed, build up , for me ridiculous, not the actual required work , just the visit. :joy: . Checked 1st , disabled access, yes. Arrived, wheelchair up ramp, OK. Large bump , over front doors, couldn’t manage, (not wheelchair friendly, ) , take run up ! Reverse, & toppled over edge of ramp, little cry , all OK, lesson learnt. Like most hospitals not good. Funny though, my favourite, scooter visit is Worcester hospital grounds, with my wife. Local, woods, great outdoor cafe, ( indoor cafes, too noisy & busy) & I KNOW DISABLED FRIENDLY! Hospital, I was in stroke unit, looked after well, except one doctor, told us , probably, to expect another stroke! Was that helpful, in any way. Best wishes, & feelings David.


@Jordan thank you for the kind words and flowers so kind of you and it made me smile and blush. @Pds you too and I’ll take the zebra :zebra: :wink: @Mrs5K @Rups @JuliaH @Ingo66 @l_platt @David3 thank you everyone your all very kind and I thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: you all cheered me up and I have very good friends on our SS forum.

Dislike Carlisle hospital with a passion, some of the staff are ridiculously incompetent. Doctor insisted on touching the open wound where you can see how sore it is I told her no as it stings! Just had to be there to believe it Antibiotics though they are the ones that make me feel sick! I did tell them that would they listen pah!!

I’ve left a message with the surgeons secretary and I think they will ring me back tomorrow. They did say if I thought I had an infection in my hand to get in touch. But it had to happen on a week.

I’m home now feeling sad but you all have cheered me up thank you to everyone who said very kind words very much appreciated :blush: big hugs Loraine

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Pleased you’re back home now with the antibiotics, shame they make you feel sick, some cure eh?

There must be a little bit of a callous streak in medical staff, they always want to prod and poke the sore bit when they’re examining you, even when you tell them not to. The only consolation is that hopefully there’s a medical reason why they want to do so,.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and you’re by no means a wuss :hugs::hugs:

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@Mahoney more sadistic, I think it’s because I said I didn’t want her to touch it! She was having her way stupid doctor thanks @Mahoney x

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Glad you’re home :pray:

Hope you are able to have a nice restful day.

Don’t apologise for posting about anything. The responses show how much you are loved and respected on this site oh wise @Loshy :two_hearts:

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What a nasty woman! Pretty sad if that’s how people get their kicks.
Hopefully be on the mend soon and not need to go back there


@Loshy Hi Loraine,

Glad you’re back home now. You can relax a bit now & just take it easy today.

Hope the surgeon rings tomorrow so they can sort the antibiotics out. Maybe they could give you some anti sickness meds to take with it?

Look after yourself and hope the infection subsides very soon. Time you had a bit of luck.

Sending hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Dear Lashy, Don’t apologize, that’s what we here for. I hope you are feeling better now , but if you are still feeling sick after taking the antibiotics go back and kick up a fuss. There will be an alternative. :bouquet: Moira.

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