I'm 5 Days post stroke came out quite lightly considering i think

5 days post stroke and not sure how far i should push myself, luckily i can walk and talk, still have weakness and slight coordination in left leg and arm

Hi Seb - You did come out lightly! Still, you brain/body has been traumatized. So, right now I think you should give it/them a lot of rest, as even though you can’t see it, your brain is in healing mode. As you feel stronger in weeks to come, it’s important to keep moving and using the affected parts of your body so the brain can rewire and relearn the areas that were injured during the stroke. There are exercises on the net that could be helpful. I ordered therapy putty and small 1 and 2-lb hand weights to strengthen my hand/arm. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

Hi axnr, thanks for reply I do feel lucky when I see other peoples stories, i’m still waiting for my
Community stroke follow up and doctors appt to learn more, I have ordered cbd oil as i hear it will aid recovery in the brain. Yet I do feel i came out lucky considering others

Hi @Seb1 welcome to our forum sorry you had a stroke but glad you have come through kinda on top so to speak.

You still need to rest and give it time. You didn’t say what sort of stroke you had? Are you on medication now for it too.

I wish you well kind regards Loraine

@Seb1 welcome. Sorry you’ve had a stroke. Sounds like physically you are doing ok. You should do what you feel you can manage but just beware the hidden effects that can catch up with you if you overdo it. Pacing yourself is important & resting too. The brain is healing & needs rest to do so.
Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait for your community stroke follow up. They will be able to advise based on the type of stroke you’ve had.
Best wishes


Hi @Seb1 it’s good to hear your symptoms post stroke are on the lighter side.

It’s still a balancing act between resting and activity to get your coordination back up.

Be sensible and don’t push too far too fast, but definitely keep up with the physio exercises you’ve been given to do but be kind to yourself and rest and recuperate, your brain needs time to recover from the traumatic injury.

If you’re on medication remember to check there’s no contraindications with taking CBD oil.

Wishing you all the best

Hi Loshy
it was a clot, acute infarct, meds are statin 40mg, clopidogrel 75m and lansoprazole 30m, how about you

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Mine was cerebella left back infarct. But I also have lots of other problems too now. I take 20 mg atorvastatin amytriptline 20 mg candesatan 8mgs clopidogrel 75mg lanzoprazole 15mg and garpbentin 900mgs per day so quite a cocktail. I hate taking this much medication but is also for the nerve pain caused by spinal lumbar and cervical stenosis and carpel tunnel in my hands. 🥲

Crikey, whats your mobility like, when did you have your stroke

@Seb1 is that for me? My stroke was 16 months ago and my mobility is better after stroke but struggling now with the spinal stenosis

Loshy yes it was how do you cope ? if you dont mind me asking

@Seb1 hi again, I’m struggling quite alot with pain.mostly from my spinal lumbar and cervical stenosis

Hi Seb,hope your OK, I had a pacs stroke 7months ago ,not too bad considering ,nothing worse than a loss of sensation in left arm and leg .Are you on blood thinners and BP drugs, might be worth asking about if not.