I’m still angry

One with the stroke two being on universal Credit now is so low I can’t move on as the moneys so low can’t even afford to go back to work or even feed my self the help I’ve got from dwp. Gp has been so poor and the cost of living will get worse I’m in big trouble not working and even when I do go back to work

I now the feeling don’t be angry :rage: I loss of all me stuff just keep going with your life with a smile best why .
This my Stoke guide will help you x

@sharris776 @HarDKnocK19 hi guys I know life is taking a turn for the worst financially.

Have you applied for ESA or PIP they might be able to subsidise you age depending.

If not get on to the DWP to see if you can get more help. Really sorry I’m no use.

Wising you all the best and keep going 🥹


The dwp have been no help at all waiting to hear from pip

Thank you for the advice

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@HarDKnocK19 try contacting citizens advice to check that you’re claiming everything you’re entitled too. Everyone’s circumstances are different but there’s universal credit, ESA, PIP, etc plus receiot of some of these benefits may then make you eligible for things like council tax reductions, car tax reductions etc. It all depends on your financial situation but there may well be something you’re entitled to that you’re not currently getting.


HardKnock-- You are not alone. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :heart:Jeanne

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If you go to the welfare rights officer run by u local council there might be able to help you. Have you tried pip new style ESA. If in UC you should get the rest of the £600 grant soon with kind regards des

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I tried with pip they said no so I’m re applying still haven’t really had help from council after my stroke

The esa said if I’m going for that it will effect what dwp is giving me so I said no to esa

Oh sorry for them saying no to you. Good luck if you can manage to claim something else keep going kind regards loraine

Its a bit of a minefield i am 8 months post strokes am registered partially sighted now and am up to walking half a mile a day with a stick was told cant claim for anything for at least 6 months post stroke as you may get better lol myself and Dawny have been living on her wages of £600 a month and have used most of our savings to get by we have an appointment to see what we are entitled to receive tomorrow on a plus side i have received my bus pass 3 days after i applied for it but after me going out on my own the other day and crossing the road 20ft away from the crossing she has confiscated it i wish you all the best and hope you get it all sorted