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Every stroke is different, as we well know, and recovery time is dependent on the damage and individual. I have been reading A Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor who is a neuroscientist who had a stroke and recounts her eight year journey to being “recovered” as much as she feels she is. Even in my darkest hours, there is always a flickering candle of hope in the distance, through the fog.


Hi Sharon so sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time, it will be hard for you all and you all need the support to come to terms with what has happened to you. Things do improve you are in the very early exhausting stages which I never thought would lift but does. Maybe it might help to set yourself small goals to focus on and write them down but also write down your achievements so that you can recognise your improvement. I hope you are getting pain relief for your back so that you can follow any exercise that you have previously been given. This forum is great and makes you realise that there are so many people out there who are going through the same challenges and you’re not alone. Take care.


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washi Sharon welcome to the forum although I wish you didn’t have to. I think our strokes have a massive effect on our children. They are so used to us being the strong one and the person they turn to when they are I’ll or troubled and all of a sudden they have to be there for us. They don’t expect that to happen until we are very old! I had my stroke just before Xmas last year and it’s taken me a while to accept it. Don’t think about how long it all takes . Look for the little improvements and celebrate them. Set small term goals Which are small but achievable and keep a record of the new things you manage to do each day. Keep going although it’s hard. I do my physio exercises every day and like you I couldn’t see what the Physio’s were saying when they said I was doing so well. Join any groups around you it has helped me. Keep going. Thinking and praying fort you. Get your kids to watch stroke association videos to try to help them understand. It’s not easy. Just keep going. All the best xregards sue x