I have no hobbies or interests since my stroke

Since my stroke I have no hobbies or interests I had my stroke nearly 3 years ago I go to stroke groups but I want to do something else had a stroke groups


Juliet, I understand some of what you feel. I used to love historical research, but that is beyond me at the moment. However, I cook a lot, because it makes me use my weak hand and arm. I do have helpful aids like a food processor, but it’s good to use the weak hand and fingers. Patience is required, although swearing is also essential.

I also go to two local exercise groups for seniors, as the more I can improve the better. I prefer non stroke groups, because you are challenged more. I have certainly improved since going there.

There is a tendency after stroke to sit and vegetate. This is bad for anyone. I also like visiting NGS open Gardens. I will not be a victim. I am a survivor.

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Dear Julief

I am about the same stage as you. Three years this December. I do understand your lethargy and dismay.

My theories include forgetting about what I used to do and starting my new life afresh. This is easy to say but hard to do.

The first thing I did was make tea and coffee for small groups meeting in the village. At first I did two teas at a time, but now I can cope with ten or more. It could be viewed a come down as I am an FCA by profession. However I can not do professional work and making tea was my limit. The great thing is that I am doing something. And there is a small benefit of doing a simple non pressured task. I then waited on tables at coffee morning. About eighty turn up. This helped my mobility. Placing feet in the right spot is quite an art. But I can do it, again its something I can do. I now also go on to help clear away. Moving chairs and tables. Every few weeks I can shift more than before. Its a rolling therapy. 

Instead of gym etc I do my large garden. Just 45 minutes at a time. And I can eat the results !

Next I took on a tiny voluntary job. At first I was overwhelmed. Panic. What have I done ? My brain can not cope. But I have calmed down and just today I made progress, getting things in to order that suit me. Its only a few hours a month. But again something I can do.

A cat adopted me a year ago. Caring for him is a big deal. He accepts me as I am. And that is reassuring and wonderful. I now utterly adore my cat. Wife is getting quite jealous.

I do try to look at what I can do and not what I can not do. Stroke groups are so good arent they. Only another survivor can possibly understand what we go through.

I hope you get my message that we can do something. And we have to start at the beginning.

Please note that you are not alone. Many of us are here for you on this forum and thousands more are out there somewhere. We joke that we should all move to the Isle of Wight and be with other SS. Maybe not. 

best wishes




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I can understand this. I have managed to get back to playing guitar and keyboards, although this is nothing like the standard I had achieved before. I also have started building robots from plastic kits. This is very demanding exercise for the fingers (and the brain!)


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I haven't been coming on here I lost my username and password just found them again so I'm back on I did go do a stroke group I'm a volunteer and I love it I want to do something not stroke that makes sense


Hi Julie

I'm pleased you have managed to log on! 

I hope someone can suggest some hobbies or interests for you.

Take care

Vicki smiley

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Something different to stroke could be related to animals if you like animals and want something new to volunteer to? Or maybe volunteer in a role that helps you gain new skills? One charity that I've always been a keen follower of is Contact the Elderly - they arrange monthly tea parties for lonely older people, I think it would be a fun and rewarding thing to do and good way to meet people (both in terms of the guests themselves but also the volunteers and hosts)

Or maybe just do something for fun that you want to try! You could set yourself a goal to try something new each month perhaps to see if you can find something that you want to stick with. Exercise, art, music. 


I find I've had to find new hobbies or adapted hobbies... Like my left handed art work. 


I would like to see your left handed art work


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I like films!!

Poltergeist BBC 1 23.50

K :polar_bear: :wink:

Ok for those who have eye issues like me poltergeist has lots of flashing lights and I had to stop watching those scenes…

actually so many flashing images / tv stuff that I advise extreme caution watching it. I actually had to turn it off :disappointed_relieved:

K :polar_bear: :wink: