HRT and stroke

Morning all , I’m just looking for a bit of advice . I had my stroke last year dec 21 , I’ve since discovered I have PFO , I am waiting to see if I can have this closed . Does anyone on here use HRT there has been a lot of media coverage lately, from what I’m reading tablets are a definite no no but I was wondering about using patches can you use alongside Clopridgrel and Atorvastatin , I have a doctors appointment next week but just wondered if any of ladies on here had any ideas. Thanks :relaxed:

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Hello @Lizzybobs i was taken off my HRT tablets when i had my stroke. I wasn’t offered an alternative but that was probably because i was 9 years into my menopause so they felt i would no longer get any benefit from them. I believe patches and gels are alternatives that can be used post stroke. Hopefully your GP can find an alternative that works for you x

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@Lizzybobs morning. I was on HRT patches and they took them away from me.

I’ve begged to have them back but it’s dangerous and we weighed up the best and bad parts and the doctors refused me. Once a stroke has been had contraceptive pill and HRT can be dangerous.

But still ask your doctor and see what they say. Let me know so we can compare.

Keep going best wishes Loraine


Hi @Lizzybobs i was advised to stop HRT following stroke as it was a clot based stroke I had and my GP is of the opinion that HRT increased my risk of another.

The medication in patches and gel are absorbed via the skin but ultimately still get into the bloodstream, as do tablets.

The best person to give you advice is your GP as he/she will know your medical history and can can lay out the risk factor versus the benefits in your particular circumstances. If your menopausal symptoms are very severe, your GP may possibly prescribe something for you, fingers crossed, though you’ll have to weigh up any risk factors involved.

I hope you find a solution , best wishes


Hi Lorraine I hear you on this topic, seems so unfair for us to have to suffer menopausal symptoms as well as the aftermath of stroke, I wish there was a safer alternative.

Best wishes


Thank you all , I will have a chat with my doctor next week and see what he thinks definitely don’t want to increase the chances of another stroke :heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::kissing_heart:

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