How do I move on from a maintenance job

8 months after my stroke I do love parts of my job but I’d love a fresh start … who’s going to take on some they might know had a stroke … how difficult it is already finding a job and with money where I can survive st a shame I’ve givin my all in my job and my employer doesn’t care hurts a lot it takes a slap maybe to wake up is there any recruitment company who help with those who’ve had a stroke

@HarDKnocK19 do you have anywhere that specialises in retraining where you live? Not sure but maybe local council or job centre can help you find somewhere? I am sure there are employers out there that would relish the opportunity to employ you. Someone who has had a stroke has been through a lot & that strength could be a real asset to a company.
Good luck


Thank you so much I’m finding things difficult when I though the stroke would be harder to deal with I’d love to move on in life and these things are holding me back

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I have my return to work assessment next week

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Good luck I have mine soon too

I’m not really sure what they are going to do they do not work for my company so won’t have knowledge of my job first call is an oH doctor so we will see what he has to say I at the same time don’t want to be over demanding
My red line I guess is an automatic vehicle

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The OH people are usually quite generic with their approach though they are usually provided with your job description.

They ask you what your capable of doing and what you can’t manage.

I spoke with OH 3 times (a month between each conversation) before we agreed I should try a phased return. They all seem to favour a 6 week phased return, but that didn’t work for me and a plan B was implemented.

They should also discuss what adjustments need to be made for you to return to work.

Don’t be afraid to say your piece, after all the conversation is about what you are capable of doing at work and if you have limitations you should let them know.

Hope everything works out well for you.

Best wishes


Thanks for the replies it’s good to hear from people that’s been through the process I can’t drive a manual car so won’t get near a manual van I’m a landscaper I have no fear of my ride on lawn mower as controls are on the right side weed killing a bit harder I don’t have use of my left arm so no pumping the sprayer you can get electric ones not a huge price difference so that could be sorted

I had an occupational health referral last week. I just told them how it is for me right now. Kinda figured that if I wasn’t honest when I am back at work it would quickly become apparent & I would really struggle. It takes a lot for me to admit my limitations but no job is worth making yourself poorly for. If you need adjustments then tell them what you need. You can always discuss them with your boss afterwards. I did have to be firm with them though as they started suggesting things that I just knew I couldn’t do.
Good luck & hope it goes ok.

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Yeah that’s what I’m thinking they’ll do to me too push me . I’m getting no help from my work place now financially so my respect for the company has gone now sadly

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