Housebound one year


I had my stroke in January 2021 and am still housebound due to errors and failures in adult social care. I live on my own apart from my cat. How do you cope with the isolation and loneliness. I have only been out 3 times this year for medical appointments. I also have ongoing health issues which I had before the stroke. Any help appreciated. Thanks


I could make sympathetic noises but you need a bit more than that don’t you?
It is only a few months since I joined those who had experienced a stroke so my experience is limited.
I would hesitate to make suggestions, but you will find others here who will respond. Communication is a good way to start and here is as good a place as any to sound off and get some response.

@Kyra_R Hi Kyra welcome to our forum and so sorry to hear about your stroke and feeling isolated. It’s an awful feeling. Do you have family or friends who would take you out for a tea or coffee? You will find on this forum lots of support and there’s classes you can take on line too! Have you ever joined a zoom call on line a bit like face time but more people! Is there any groups in your area you could try and research on line. It could work that someone could call and help you to the group and you might make friends there. I don’t know what else to suggest but you are among friends on here. Keep going and smiling best wishes Loraine :hugs:

if you need any help or would like to talk, please let us know.

even i have a family but i still feel lonely. because it is draining to explain to them how i feel and what i am going through. and most of them i can not find the strength to go out to see the family or for anything. do not feel lonely you just need to find the right person or group so you can share how are you really feeling.
would love to hear from you.

@Kyra_R sorry to hear about your stroke & that you’re feeling isolated. It’s awful being housebound & I think loss of independence is difficult for all.
This forum is a great place to reach out to people. I wonder if there are any stroke support groups local to you? You may be able to get transport to them…your local council might be able to help. Our local council, during covid, set up some wellbeing champions who would look in on people who were alone or needed help. It may be available in your area too.
I think the Stroke Association will also set up “buddy” calls. Not sure of the name. Give them a try. Hope you manage to find something yo help xx

Hi @Kyra_R welcome though I’m sorry to hear of your situation, feeling lonely is not good.

The buddy calls @Mrs5K mentions are called Here for you check out what’s on offer from the Stroke Association or your local authority to see if there are groups near you, even a coffee morning that a family member/friend could take you to.

There are also zoom calls that Different Strokes run Here I’m not sure of your age as Different Strokes is aimed primarily for younger stroke SS.

We’re a friendly bunch here so please post as often as you like.

Best wishes, take care

Hi @Kyra_R , welcome to the forum, you’ve made the first step to help with the loneliness by posting on here! I think you will find it helps to talk on here to people with similar experiences (it certainly has helped me).
As others have said joining video zoom calls can be really helpful too. I am 11 months on from my stroke and back at work but I still join the fortnightly 45 minute “Zoom Café” calls that are arranged by the Stroke Association" because I find them so beneficial. I’m not shy in coming forward when/if it goes a bit quiet but I’ve seen new people join that initially just listen and slowly start saying a bit before eventually becoming very chatty. It is definitely recomended!
Keep posting on here and I think you will find it helps a little with the lonlyness. Remember from small acorns…
Hope to hear from you soon.

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