Hot flushes - is it normal?

Hi all. I had a stroke 2 weeks ago, caused by artery dissection. I am home now and recovering quite well, but yesterday I started having these hot flashes. These come suddenly and last maybe 5 min, but I sweat a lot and feel seriously hot. If standing, I have to sit down. Is that normal or should I be contacting gp?
I should say I am only 34 and I am on lower dose of aspirin at the moment.

@magdalenacz sorry you had your stroke but welcome to the forum. I’m older than you and I get these hot flushes I sometimes think my head is going to explode. My whole body seems to have no thermostat! I have been going through menopause and was on HRT but they took it off me after my stroke last March. My brain fogs a bit too I think it’s because I’m over heating. All I can suggest is keep drinking plenty water as I feel I need more since my stroke. Have a word with your GP as I think your to young for menopause but, I also think my medication gives me these hot flushes too. It’s written in the instruction leaflet on one of my medications as a side effect. It’s very early days for you but keep on recovering nice to talk to you and I wish you well Loraine :blush:

Hi @magdalenacz, I can’t say if it’s normal as I’m not medically trained however I can tell you in the early days after I had a stroke, I felt ‘hot and bothered’, occasionally, what I mean by that is that I would come over feeling warm all over and felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy and woozy (I’d describe it as a cotton wool feeling in the brain) when I stood up.

The first time it happened was the first night I was home after being discharged from hospital, Hubby even rang 111 as he was panicking about me, the call handler asked a GP to call me back, given my stroke history and just having been discharged, the GP told me I’d probably have to go to hospital to get checked out and sent an ambulance but when the crew took took my BP, pulse and did a heart trace ECG, they rang the stroke ward for advice and the nurse was not concerned with the results I had. So they didn’t take me in.

It happened a few more times to me and to be honest I still feel ‘odd’ at times (5 months post stroke).

If you’re concerned, please speak to your GP or stroke nurse as they will be able to offer medical advice in relation to your circumstances.

I hope you get to the bottom of it, best wishes

Thank you both @Loshy @Mahoney . This is very helpful. I am struggling to find any information online as to what to expect in the first weeks and what not to worry about. I know it is all very individual, but some overview would be helpful. Do you find the same?

I will call gp tomorrow just for a chat.

I am on this forum only for 2 days and it is so wonderful that everyone is so supportive! I wish you all lots of health.

@magdalenacz it is all individual symptoms. I hope you find answers, but I’ve found this forum very helpful. Have you a scheduled appointment with your stroke consultant? Or a stroke nurse? I found the appointment with the stroke nurse very informative and she gave me tips. I also had counselling as I couldn’t believe it had happened to me young, not as young as you! I’m 10 months post now. You need to adjust and your body needs time to mend. Get plenty of rest and never be worried about asking your GP for help. I have a great GP thank goodness as I had a rubbish stroke consultant. Talk soon, Loraine

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Hi @Loshy, thanks for the message. I seen a gp and got heart scan and he thinks this can be just one of the body responses to trauma of the stroke.

Can I ask how were you put in touch with stroke nurse please? My consultant was great, but short with time. When leaving the hospital I got his secretary phone number in case I have questions, but feels a bit wrong to bother him…

I hope you are well.

Hi @Pontwander

Thanks for the message! I am very sorry to hear your story. I hope you are continuing to make a good recovery.

I think your tips are great and I can totally relate to what you are saying. I started a diary now :slight_smile:

Gp was very concerned when I visited and did ecg with positive outcome. As you suggested, he concluded it is only a recovery reaction of the organism to trauma. I know people say it is all individual, but I would still find it comforting to have a list of what could be expected…

I M sorry you had to go back to hospital. I remember being rather stressed in the first nights when I arrived home, when your body is still tingling and weird sensations happen. I had a first night last night, when I was thinking about life when I woke up, not about the stroke or current symptoms. It feels amazing. I hope it gets more common at your stage of recovery!

All the best,


@magdalenacz hi, the stroke nurse appointment came 6 months after my stroke and she asked lots of questions put me at ease. I found her better than consultant. She also monitors my medication. Next appointment is booked for July but I have her number if I need to speak to her… so I feel like I have a safety net. Ring your consultations secretary and ask if you can be put in touch with the stroke nurse who should or is monitoring you. Good luck let me know how you get on. I’m also suffering so much with a hot trickle down my left side of my neck to my shoulder and bottom right foot plus the nasty pins and needles in my hands every night. They feel like they are in a bucket of nettles, It took 25 mins to get my feeling back in right hand last night twice. It did scare me so I’m pretty low today and very tired. I managed 5 k walk early when I couldn’t sleep so still going. Best wishes Loraine :blush:

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Shwmae @magdalenacz, I can’t say what may be normal for your condition but I had and still do get hot flushes. I have assumed these are little anxiety pangs, as although uncomfortable, they pass after about five minutes. In the first few months after stroke, they would come on quite strongly, and I would start sweating. Even now, I do get them, as if I am overheating but not as intense. It’s as if my thermostat has blown from maybe too much stimulation.

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@Rups thank you for the message! I feel the same and also realised that I cannot stand high temperatures anymore. Just like you describe. Thank you for sharing this. I hope it goes away for you. All the best.

I get hot flashes all the time since my stroke. Unrelated to menopause. I sleep with a window open at night no matter what the temperature. I bought a “cooling blanket” which help shorten the duration of the hot flash. I should look for a pillow too! Take are everyone