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Hi there, I’m looking for a bit of help. My mum suffered a big post op stroke just over 6 weeks ago and has been on a stroke ward in hospital where she has received rehab from a physio, speech therapist and OT. She has suffered from extreme fatigue as well as recovering from a fractured hip (reason for op) and has been allowed no visitors so I feel that her mood has been very low which hasn’t helped rehab. However, the rehab team contacted me last week to advise that they plot my mums progress on a chart and after 6 weeks have come to the conclusion that she is at her maximum range of abilities according to the chart and are now looking to discharge her once she has had a Peg fitted. My mum has no use of her left arm and leg but her speech is ok and whilst she appears confused sometimes, she fully understands what’s going on.
I feel that they haven’t given my mum enough time to make this assessment at this stage and wondered if this is standard practice?
We now have to look for a nursing home as she lives alone and will need 24 hour care. I think with more rehab she may be able to improve more so that she can still live at home with carers but don’t know what to do.
Any comments/advice will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @Cyclingwife, welcome to the community, so sorry to hear about your mum.

It’s still early days and it is possible for your mum to improve, hospitals are often short of beds and if your mum is classified as medically fit for discharge they will want to move her out of the bed. They don’t always get the rehabilitation prognosis correct, as others on this forum will attest to, some were given the same conclusion in hospital but have gone on to regain mobility. Your mum will have to play her part too and participate with regular physio.

As your mum lives alone, a care home may be the better option in the short term as even if she was given a care package of carers 4 times per day, that leaves a lot of time on her own between care visits which may leave your mum feeling down.

It will also give you peace of mind knowing there is someone to keep an eye on her.

If she can continue with rehab and OT she may improve and go on to once again live independently albeit maybe with carers.

Stay strong, stay positive and encourage and support your mum, she’ll need your strength.

Wishing you and your mum all the best

@Cyclingwife so sorry to hear this about your mum. I personally would insist on visiting her now covid rules are more relaxed and judge for myself if you can. I would also speak to her consultant with your concerns. They cannot discharge her if you don’t think she’s ready. I feel very strongly about this due to my history with the hospital staff. Just because she may tick a few boxes doesn’t mean she’s ready to leave hospital yet. I know hospitals are busy and they need beds but, you need to know where your mum stands if she comes out of hospital soon. You will need time to get sorted and adjust for her return. There are places she can go while rehabilitating. I know it seems along way off but keep positive and support your mum firmly but kindly as she may be feeling vulnerable and low at this time. I would be very vocal about what you think alongside the staff. Good luck to you both and I hope she continues to recover speedily. Loraine

Thank you both for your comments and advice, it’s a lonely place at the moment so it is comforting to know I’m not alone.

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Hi I would say your mum would do better by being in a nursing home with 24 hour care. Even if you get 4 Visits a day at home she will be on her own for long periods. She needs to be interacting with people?
You need to speak to the team at the hospital as to we’re she is at with her rehabilitation and look for a home that is able to meet her needs with physio and OT and I am sure she will improve as they have more time at a nursing home than they do on a busy hospital ward. Good luck.

Thank you Dottie, I agree a care/nursing home would be better. X