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Hi all It’s been a week now since my husband came home after 9 months in hospital, we have carer’s in the morning which does help I’ve been doing physio on him everyday Think he’s finding it hard to ajust to home but he will get there he’s sleeping abit is this normal physio in hospital wasn’t the best and not heard from community physio stroke team so although im doing the stretching he’s wanting to be on his feet its very frustrating hopefully i will here from them soon thanks for listening i sometimes feel bad cos i can’t help him


@lynne_day923 don’t feel bad you are doing a fantastic job, don’t not forget about yourself too with rest and recreation.

Sleeping extra is normal it gives the brain time to rewire. A way of mending.

We are here to listen keep going sending my best wishes Loraine


Sleeping is common after a stroke. The brain needs time to rest and repair itself as it’s been through a trauma. If you need exercise ideas then have a look at www.arni.uk.com. There are books and DVD with exercises you can use while you wait for physio (and after).


@lynne_day923 sounds like you’re doing a great job. Be proud of yourself & don’t forget to look after yourself too.

Sleeping loads is normal. When i first came home i was asleep more than awake.

Really hope the community team are in touch soon. I only waited a few days to hear from them so i’d chase if you don’t hear soon.

Sending best wishes.

Ann xx


Hi Lynne and welcome to the forum. I sure your feelings must be all over the place too, a mixture of relief, euphoria and apprehension. Not unlike when the first time you bring your first new born home from the hospital and suddenly you find yourself on your own with this new vulnerable life depending solely on you for it’s life.

So you need to look after yourself as well as your husband, both mentally as well as physically. So you might want to check out the CarersUK website, lots of useful info on there for what what you can do for yourself too.

Your hubby has been home a week now with no contact from the stroke team so you really need to chase them up now.
In the mean time there are lots of things for your hubby to be getting on with, so you and your hubby have a look at some of these videos stroke recovery physio videos to see what exercise he can be getting on with. If he’s chomping at the bit to get walking again, don’t hold him back, give him a chair he can hold onto to do some sit to stand exercise. The videos give lots of similar chair based exercises that progress to doing without the chair.

Take care now and stay strong.

PS.: Here’s the youtube link to the exercises I do with my mother-in-law at our local Age UK Strength & Balance class. The guy in the videos is our instructor Niles and again these are exercise that can progress from seated to standing.

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Thank you for your post, it is very helpful for me, also!

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